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Unit 2 reflection

Some things that I have done well this unit is thinking of unique and creative ideas for my motif and looking at the bigger picture. Such as my lightning bolt idea. Instead of just thinking of one box I made it so that the overall picture looked like Darth Sidiuos’s lightning bolts.  Some things that I definitely could do better at is getting things done on time because I still need to glue my motifs to my paper to make the whole pattern. If I redid this whole project I would try to speed my working up a bit because I got very distracted from talking to friends. I would not change my motif’s design except for some minor changes and making it look neater.

My example for creative thinking would be considering another perspective. At the start I had wanted to do a bunch of other designs which would have not have gone well with the bigger picture and if I had changed those design it wouldn’t have looked as good as what I did choose in the end. If helped develop a completely new idea for my motif.

My cultural influence was islamic art. They had the criss cross over under pattern that really inspired me to do that. I also liked that concept of weaving them together. My personal influence was star wars, or more specifically Darth Sidious’s lightning bolts. I also really like lightning because it’s dangerous but brings light and hope. I chose those things because I found those easy to work with and also inspiring because they were so simple yet awesome. They are not really important to me in any way.

Some of the types of lines and shapes I used are mostly thin rectangles but I also used diamond shapes. To print out my motifs my negative colors were yellow and blue. I chose those to contrast the positive color (black) and also those colors were bright and happy colors in contrast to a black, sinister color because the force is used for good but the sith have not. My color plan was yellow in the 4 corners and the middle and then blue everywhere else. It is not random at all. My motifs interlock pretty well but they are 1 or 2mm apart. I think that if I hurried up where I could have done then I could have fixed it. overall I am proud of my work and really enjoy seeing it.


New English unit! (photography)

For our new unit on photography in English we took different types of photos as shown down below. Most of you reading this might think that “How is filming related to books?” Well filming is just moving pictures and picture show what the book is trying to connect to us. The only things different are that in movies there are visuals and audio.

High photo


Close Close up


Action + Eye level shot


Low shot


Birds eye


Long shot