Monthly Archives: June 2016

The final critique

The person in the painting is my dad. I chose him because I really admire him and know him really well. Maybe because he is my dad. He is important to me because he is a person I really look up to and he feeds me and makes money for me to go to a awesome school. He is sometimes serious but also really funny. I showed that his work makes him have to stay away from home a lot of time by drawing the Skype logo, a plane shark (because he also really enjoyed swimming) and a phone. I also show what he loves such as swimming and our cat. I made the sun dark/light green because he is really intense on the outside and at work (dark green) but on the inside he is less intense but still a little bit.

Some of the elements I tried to use is expressionism because I had visited France this spring and saw some of Vincent van Gogh’s art. I also saw a lot of the art with my dad and that really whenever I see Expressionism I think of him. I chose the shark plane BECAUSE my dad travels a lot but loves to swim, but has to travel a lot. Also my dad if he was a type of animal, it would be a predator not a prey. I think that because my dad has that type of person. He does not like not knowing something and his instincts seem like that of a predator. I chose the Skype logo and the phone because that is how I stay in touch with him because he has to go to many places far away from home. It’s how I connect to him.

Van Gogh art really inspired me to draw a expressionist painting because when I was in France I got to go see his art with my dad. It’s not the actual art the inspired me but spending time with my dad.