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Reflection on my Industrial Revolution Unit

The industrial revolution was a time when we were taking a big step into the world of machines. Mass production was possible with these machines and we were brought into a new light. But it was not just machines that did that. It was our outlook. Organisation and collaboration was needed so that we could band together to make decisions. Creativity was need to imagine our new society and to make the machines which made this world. It was truly an amazing moment in history.


It was not just I&S that we were looking at huge changes in society. In art we were looking at the renaissance were art was now looking at the real world. In english we were looking at persuasive writing to create our speeches and change peoples minds.


I think that many people would find the industrial revolution fascinating because without it, we would still be without energy. There would be no means of quick communication, no computers, no phones, no new big advancements in technology. There would be no cars, no trains. Not only would the new advancements be interesting looking awt how it got to it would be fascinating to see the difference in societies and how they saw things. Child labour for example, people in the industrial revolution thought it was fine to have kids working in a factory for 14 hours a day with bad meals and no sleep. They had terrible working and living conditions and 50% of them would die by the age of 12. Back then it was fine.


If I was in a different country I think that the Industrial Revolution would be seen very differently because in japan, we are looking at other countries history’s. If I was learning about it in america or britain I think that it would be very different and more biased because they would be embarrassed somewhat about their history. They might have watered down the conditions to make it seem not as bad. Or maybe not. Maybe what we are learning about for the industrial revolution is completely different from the truth. It would be very interesting to see what they teach in britain or america about the industrial revolution.


The things that I have learned through the industrial revolution has taught me to look at the whole picture. Making me look at other aspects of the topics that I am learning about in other subjects.such as english. In english we are learning about a book called house on mango street. Normally I would have just done the class work and not thought twice about it but now I am looking at it in much more detail.


Overall the Industrial Revolution was a great thing to learn about and I look forward to doing something like this again.

Child Labor Industrial revolution News Paper


A Young Boy in a Big World

George shoemaker is a young boy trying to make a living in a factory. He is 12 years old and has been working at the factory for 4 years. As a child he was abused by his father and brother until at the age of 8 was rescued by some factory recruiters. He works Sams®. He is now   one of the most efficient workers and has made almost 100 pounds. He plans to create his own orphanage to make sure those who have suffered as he has will be able to get the proper necessities like food, shelter and social skills which will help their future.

Though he has come far. There are still many dangers, because of the factory having to deal with lawsuits. There are many nights when he goes hungry. Also, because of the lack of safety and long hours many of his friends receive injuries and are tired constantly.

Even though there are some problems with safety Sams® is still one of the best factories for children to work in. These factories are actually good because it makes the children have 2 hours of education everyday but it also allows children to learn about the economy and will teach them about how the real world works. One of the teachers, Connor O’reily says “Some of these kids have outstanding potential and are very eager to learn. Many of them stay here just to read more.”

It is very beneficial for poor children as well because it gives them something to do ad will help them support their families. They can even gain more money per day if they are willing to work overtime. These work conditions are very beneficial in teaching children the importance of money.

Over all Sams® factory is a very beneficial work space as it gives free education, housing and food. Even though there are some problems such as safety issues it is still worth the risk to create a future.