Grade 7

Social skills

I demonstrated social skills by working with a classmate that I haven’t done so before that year. Despite not knowing each other that well, we ended up working really well and became friends along the way as well as working really hard on our work.

Organisation skills

One area where I really worked on is my organisation skills is in Tutor, Art and Design because in tutor I had to organise my google drive so I can find my work and in Art and Design we would get homework at the end of the day and it would be hard to remember so I would write it in an email which would go to myself or I would do something that would remind me where I would find it. I found this very effective and I can now use it in every class

Communication skills

I think that one of the areas that I really struggled with this year is math. I had trouble showing my working for when I figured out the answer which was rare in itself. Next semester I hope to do 3 times N and not N to the power of 3. Also I would like to put my working in a neat column so Mr. Harrison can read it.