Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was caused by all these factors like steam power, coal extracting, iron smelting, the railways, agricultural production and industrial production. All these factors had an important role to play in the Industrial Revolution let’s take coal extracting for example. Coal extraction was what I think was the most important thing in the Industrial Revolution, because Coal extraction ran the trains which transported goods from city to city so that the people who had grown the crops and made the goods would collect money that would let them grow more crops, make more goods and support their family. Industrial Revolution helped a lot of people but also made some people lose their jobs and replaced by machines. Industrial Revolution helped increase the population and food productions, One thing that the Industrial Revolution brought in was machine and made a lot of people lose their jobs making them protest. Another factor that caused the Industrial Revolution was steam power. The steam powered the the trains which ran on the railways and helped goods to be transported and made it faster. It made a lot of people aware of the outside towns that they might have not known about because they couldn’t travel that far and it helped with education and educating kids to learn how to write and read. Before the trains there was a few amount of people in the town that knew how to read and write so when the trains opened up kids could go to school and learn how to read and write. Agricultural production also caused Industrial Revolution because the agricultural production was when they developed fertiliser and crop rotations which meant there was more food which meant more people got to be feed. All of these things caused the Industrial Revolution they all link up to the Industrial Revolution and the Industrial Revolution would have been nothing without them. They were all critical and significant to the Industrial Revolution. All of the factors have changed the world as we know it and have made things that had taken days, easy, quick and a breeze to do with machines and new technology till this present day we are still finding ways to make more modern and easier.




In English class we had to make a video of us doing a scene a the book two weeks with the queen. I think this showed collaboration because we had a group of about 3 people and we had to make sure that we where all pulling in and doing something to contribute to this project. Me and my group worked really well and all had different jobs that we would have to do to finish the project. When we had to pick what character we wanted to be everyone got the person they wanted and no one was upset with what they got. So for me I didn’t want a huge speaking role so I stuck with the nurse and did the filming.



In science class we had to create a poster on any element that is in a electronic that we use in school. I did mine on tungsten. I think the poster shows reacher skills because you have to finned a lot of evidence to support your facts and questions and how this effect this. I showed my reacher skills by making sure that I found good websites and answered all the things on the TLC. This really helped me grow my reaching skills and now I am better that before. I also like this poster because you could chose any way of presenting it online, a poster, hand written and others but I chose a poster because I could add little facts here and there and make everything well orgnized. I am very proud of my poster.


We had a workshop in class where jack a famous puppetry came to our class and we got to use different puppets and do a little performance with them. Some elements that we touched in this workshop where space because we had to make the puppet move around and used levels to embrace the story we were trying to get across to the audience. Another element that we used was collaboration because some of the puppets took 3 puppetry to move it and you needed to follow head and the eyes. The eyes had to look at something then the rest of the body would move towards whatever the puppet was looking at. We also used timing because you had to time when the puppet would move because you needed the puppet to look alive and not just all of a sudden have these jerky movements. I love this saying a puppet struggles to live an actor struggles to die I think this is so key you movement make the biggest impact on your puppet to look alive so you have to be aware of what you make your puppet do and does it look alive. We also used timing because you had to time when the puppet would move because you needed the puppet to look alive and not just all of a sudden have these jerky movements. We had done some activities where we had to use puppets and create little skits, so we kind of knew how puppets moved and how you had to have smooth movements. So it help that we had already used puppets but it was still hard to move the puppets that they gave us in the workshop.In P.E. we had a work on this dance and we had music in the background this set the mood and I think that  in drama when we did performs and used music we could create a charter and the story based on the mood of the music so it help us tell the story. To make the puppet come to life me and my group had to make to movements like the movements we do in our everyday. We made sure that we would look at where we were going they to rest of the body would move just like you do when you want something you look at it then walk or run to it. When your puppet moves you body has to move as well and look like your puppet is taking breath and you can even make the sounds yourself in make the puppet seem even more alive.


In P.E. class we had to do a dance and do it to Just Dance. I think this showed collaboration doing this dance because me and my partner had to create a part in the dance where we had our own dance moves. Me and my partner really worked well together to complete the dance and we supported  each other and help each other if we didn’t know apart of the dance. We dived the creative part in to two part so one part I would have to create and teach my partner and my partner would do the same. I also became more confident because we had to show this dance to the whole class and I am shy so this really push but I am glad I did it.



In Spanish class we did an oral on empanadas. I think this showed communication because you had to show how much you know in Spanish and how much you progressed from the first day in Spanish. I think that I have really have grown from the first day and am really proud of that. Even though Spanish is not my strong suit I think that I really have learned and know more then I did before. One thing that I want to do better at is telling time and when I have to descried something I will use detail I have seen this when I read the comment that I got from my Spanish teacher. So I need to keep going back to those things because I will need them later on and should not forget them.