ATL Skills- 7th Grade


For collaboration, I think I demonstrated this skill by work together in a team or partnership with people you know or don’t know on a project. For example, in I&S we had a unit on empire’s and we where split up into partnerships with two people explain in a video about empires and how they colonised other empires. I chose this because I really like how me and my partner divide up the roles and we got it done in the end . I’m proud of my work, because it shows how well I work with people I might of first not known that well but got to know after the assessment was done. 


I showed media literacy/information literacy skills in  Design class, when I had to work on criterion A. Criterion A was the criterion where you had to do a lot of reacher about your character you where going to change and how you would sell it to  an age group.  I chose this because I had very well organised pages and I thought of a creative way of setting up the page so everyone could see what I got out of my research. I’m proud of my work, because it shows how over time I got better at finding good web-sites that had information I was looking for and how to find those key facts and parts in web-sites.

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