Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was caused by all these factors like steam power, coal extracting, iron smelting, the railways, agricultural production and industrial production. All these factors had an important role to play in the Industrial Revolution let’s take coal extracting for example. Coal extraction was what I think was the most important thing in the Industrial Revolution, because Coal extraction ran the trains which transported goods from city to city so that the people who had grown the crops and made the goods would collect money that would let them grow more crops, make more goods and support their family. Industrial Revolution helped a lot of people but also made some people lose their jobs and replaced by machines. Industrial Revolution helped increase the population and food productions, One thing that the Industrial Revolution brought in was machine and made a lot of people lose their jobs making them protest. Another factor that caused the Industrial Revolution was steam power. The steam powered the the trains which ran on the railways and helped goods to be transported and made it faster. It made a lot of people aware of the outside towns that they might have not known about because they couldn’t travel that far and it helped with education and educating kids to learn how to write and read. Before the trains there was a few amount of people in the town that knew how to read and write so when the trains opened up kids could go to school and learn how to read and write. Agricultural production also caused Industrial Revolution because the agricultural production was when they developed fertiliser and crop rotations which meant there was more food which meant more people got to be feed. All of these things caused the Industrial Revolution they all link up to the Industrial Revolution and the Industrial Revolution would have been nothing without them. They were all critical and significant to the Industrial Revolution. All of the factors have changed the world as we know it and have made things that had taken days, easy, quick and a breeze to do with machines and new technology till this present day we are still finding ways to make more modern and easier.