I&S Connections and Reflections

What are you studying in another subject that is connected to this?

In I&S we had to make a scripted and persuaded the judge to pick your side in the argument if not banning child labor or banning child labor. We had to use many persuasive techniques to try and win over the judge. I could bring my knowledge and understanding from english about persuasive techniques to this case and use it in my scripted.

What did you learn?

I learnt that many factories have kids from as young as  6 years old working and working for many hours a day. Many kids after there experiences in the factories would always seem to go back and work as an adult. I guess that surprised me because they had insured so much pain mentally and fiscally. I learnt the different view points of the children and the factory owners. I learnt how they felt, why they did what they did and how they got by everyday. I learnt how the kids in the Industrial revolution played an immense role in impacted our economy.



Sam Washington is a factory owner. Sam Washington started when he was six in child labor working in many different factories for ten years. When he turned sixteen he wanted to make a change how children were treated in factories. He started his own factory when he was 28 with the money that he got from his father’s will. The money was just enough to build his first own small factory. Sam Washington built this factory with the words of that he would treat the children that he employed the way he wanted to be treated when he was younger. The first child that he employed what a boy called Jam Socks but everyone called him Jam. Sam Washington found Jam all alone on the street starving to death. As Sam Washtine looked at Jam on the street he remembered how he felt alone when he was younger and how he badly wanted someone to help him. Sam Washington took Jam into his care and now Jam is the longest and first person how worked in the factory. Sam Washington now has ten factory in each factory he has treats the children the same with having the 6 years olds to 10 year olds working only 8 hours a day. Each kid get 1 hours of free time, we have 3 hours of school that we prived in our factory, They get three meals a day and they have have 5 hours of sleep. Sam Washington has a lovely family. His wife cecilia was also brought the same way he working when she was six to. Sam Washington and Cecilia meet in a field, shortly after that he had two kid.


“I promise to treat you with respect and love”- Sam Washington