ATL’s Video

We focused on communication, but what other AtLs did you have to use in the creation of your video? 
When creating the ATL’s video we had to use collaboration because we had to work together to get video done and make sure that everyone’s ideas where considered. We also used our creative skills to make a fun but unique way of filming and editing the video to what it is now. The last thing we used was our reflection skills because after we where done with a person’s part we would all loot it over to make sure that it was the best we could do.
What impact on audience and purpose did you have in the creation of your video? 
Some impacts that we where trying to bring to our audience where that we wanted to make there first year in middle school easy and help them thought what we know. We also wanted to show them what we leant from being in middle school for two years or three years. We also wanted to show them that it was a big switch and middle school is very different to elementary and we just wanted for them to be papered for the new changes.