Empires unit one

Backwards Looking:

Coming into this unit I didn’t know a lot I basically was starting from scratch and working my way up.  I knew what empires where and a bit of why other empires colonized other countries. I also knew the Spanish empire, Ottoman empire and the British empire but didn’t know the history of each one and how they used there resources to expand there empire. I didn’t know anything about the trading system or how the empire got effected by other countries.


This piece of work was exciting I felt good to finish it but the whole expertness it self was great and I felt like I learned a lot and will be able to take a lot back from this unit. Some thing that I particularly liked finding out on how coloization affects both sides because you got to see what both side felt and desgone that each country made during the time period. I also liked creating the slides and choosing the picture that fit the topic that you where talking about I liked this because I could show my create side and choses a good set up for each side. One thing that I disliked was predestining to the class because I always get so nervous for what people might think.  I liked how this unit help me with my reaching  skills and showed me different techniques on reaching.


No I did not do my work like other people did theres we had different roles so we would have it equal distribution like I did the whole presentation and he did all the script but we both did the reacher sheet, after we would finish what we where doing we would show the other person and ask them for feedback for what to change and what not to change. We worked as a team and tried different ideas that we thought would benefit us the best and make us use our time every wisely.


If I got the chance to change something I would change our video because we forgot to add a conclusion and I would like to talk a bit more in-depth on some of my slides because I think that some of my slides would have benefited with more detailed thing referring to the topic of the slides. One more thing if I had the chance to change something I would change the scripted because I didn’t think thing flowed as well as I would have liked so I would probably make sure to go in an easy order and just make sure that everyone can hear both of us and we tell you what we are going to talk about and what the slide is about. The last thing I would change would be to not tack so long on the voice recoding because I think we could have used some of that time to make sure that we didn’t forget anything in the video and if we should change anything so use our time a bit more wiser when it comes to voice recordings.