Mi salud es muy importante para mi y yo como la comida correcta para el desayuno,el almuerzo y para la cena. Para el desayuno yo como cereales, bebo agua. Yo tomo el desayuno alrededor de la 8 la manana todas las mannanas.

Cuando almuerzo en la cafeteria yo siemore trato de comer comida sludable. Casi todos los dias yo como fruta y el almuerzo que hay en la cafeteria. Despues de un dia, largo en el colegio, cuando llego a casa yo como  frota seca, y un yogur. Para la comida mis padreo cocinan comida saludable. El comoer comida Saludable es muy imprtante para tener una buena vida.

Unit 1 reflection- Spanish

In Spanish I have just finished our first unit and I  need to work on my conjugation because I still don’t really know it a one hundred percent so I need study it and keep reving it so I don;t forget it. In this unit one other thing that I found challenging was ir, ser and hacer like verb conjugated to spell then so will need to practices then so I don’t forget because you need to know how to spell them. I need to also work on letter formate and knowing if something is formal or informal and how to do something  formal or informal.

In this unit I think I have done well on listening to recodes of people talking and finding out what they are say and answer the questions very well to go with  the recordings so I will take this on to the next unit to help me. One other thing that I think I have done well at is comer and hacer verbs conjugated because I now them and know how to spell them and also know what they mean.  For all the thing that I think I did well on I still have to keep studying because I  don’t want to lose what I know.

For the next unit I will like to studying more on things that are harder for me I don’t really understand  so that when I go to Spanish I will know what the teacher is talking about and have some understanding about the subject. I would also like to write everything that I learnt that day that I don’t understand on a page in my notebook and go home and study and try to figure out what I learned that day.