November 2

Grade 7 expedition reflection

What did I enjoy?

The most thing I enjoyed in expedition was the rock climbing. I enjoyed rock climbing because the staff was very supportive and funny. I also enjoyed it because when we go up and stop in the middle we can swing around with a rope tied to us and it was very fun. I also enjoyed it because we were with some of our friends and were cheering each other on so it motivated us to clear the rock climb. The other thing I enjoyed was the view. Some view you can only see up in the mountains so it was fun taking pictures.


The most challenging part for me was I had no personal space. Where ever I looked there was at least 3 people right next to me,but at last I got used to it and lived through it.

What did I learn about living and working in a community?

I learned that in a community its a bit difficult to be a lone and to have personal space. I recognize that you need team work to enjoy and to live in a community.

Why are the Expeditions an important part of our schooling?

I think expedition is important because when it comes to expedition there is lots of activities that require communicating with each other and team work. This makes it so we get to know each other better and get along better with each other. Its also a good way to interact with the new students because at school you can go to the library and other place but in expedition theres not much place to hide.




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September 13

Fire Fair 7th-8th grade


Designing our project was… A bit hard to do because we had 6 members in our group and we did not have much things to do.
Reasons I liked working with my group One of the reasons I liked working with my group is the leader in our group gave us jobs to finish by the period and that made it easy for the other members to be part of it.
ATL skills that I used well I think I have used communication a lot in this project because when I finished one of the things I asked if there could be any changes and also asked for anything else.
Great moments along the way One of the great moments were that the teachers wasnt saying you need to do this and that every 5 minutes instead they stepped out and that makes it our responsibility to finish what we needed to finish
One thing I learned from another group One thing I learned from another group was if you do not communicate with your team members about your project your project will not go anywhere.
Next time, I will Next time I will ask what I should do earlier so that the project will be finished faster then we will have time to correct the err during the practice
Something awesome that I contributed Is the Dragon Day.



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June 10

Zoo builder review (INS)

Did you learn anything by playing?

I have learned that shops earn money but at the same time loses money. What I mean by “loose money” in order to earn more money they need to renew the shop for the customers so they wont get bored and will still continue to come. I also learned from the game (zoo builder) that there are people who is not interested in some of the shops. I thought it will be important to have some few opportunity for the customers so you still can get money. The audience for this game is people who wants to play a game that teaches about money use and loss. I think zoo builder is a addicting game because it feels good to see the money going up. I give a thumbs up for this game.

June 9

Portrait Reflection (art)

Explain the subject of your painting.


The person I am drawing is my class mate Jared. I chose to draw jared because when I moved up to 6th grade I think I hang around with him a lot more. He is important to me because he is a fun person to be with and he makes me laugh. He is also important because he is a good friends even though we were in different groups in 5th grade. I drew something that Jared likes or enjoyed doing. He said that he likes cats so I drew Turkish Angora because he likes that breed. I also asked what he likes to do and he said basketball so I also drew that to express his interests. I also thought about how can I help Jared enjoy basket ball even more then I though well Iron Man is perfect because he can get in the suit while playing basket ball and dunk it in the hoop and score. I thought it is perfect to add Iron Man because it has a small story between the basketball and Iron Man.

 Explain how you communicated your ideas.

I got Inspired with the comic style. My favourite marvel character is Iron Man. I chose to draw Iron Man because it is my favourite marvel character and also Jared has a favourite marvel character but its different so I decided to draw my character and he drew his favourite character on his art piece as me. I used this influence and drew Iron as Jared. My pictorial elements are colour, setting and object. I used red, black and yellow/goldish for the Iron Man. For the cat I used white,black, and cyan. Last but not least for the basket ball I used orange and black. I used different types of blue in the background because if its only plane blue it will be boring but if I do different types of blue it will be interesting to look at and you can think that there is different types of blue.

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June 1

Economic plan for summer (INS)

My economic plan is to save money and earning money before going on vacation. I want to save money because when I go on vacation I buy things that I dont really need and at the end I feel like “Oh I didn’t need this” so I want to use the money more wisely instead of just buying the things you want only for second. I also recognized that to save money you have to get money. If you only save money you can only save in order to save it for the vacation but if you earn money it adds to your savings and you can buy more things. If you start earning (get) money you can use it before vacation too but you should put a budget before using it because if you have no budget you will use too much. You also can save by not using your allowance or instead of using the money you earned you can use your allowance and other you can save. After I have done this I should look at the exchange rate.  If the currency of American $ is high then its probably a better idea to wait.

I am going to do this plan because I think it is a good way to learn how to get (earn) money by your self and you can learn of thinking about your own budget and how to use it.



Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.09.59 PM


Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.35.21 PM



May 4

photo shoot

We started our unit on film making. We were in small groups and I was with Tim and Koumae. First we looked at a comic book and talked about the shots of the comic and films/movies. We drew different types of shots so we know what kind of shot it looks like. After we finished drawing we went to the rooftop outside and took some shots of different angles. My group did long shot/wide shot,medium shot and birds eye view. We managed to finish all shots in one try. I learned that if we use different types of shots it will look more dramatic and interesting for the audience instead of using one angle for the whole movie.








Medium shot



Birds eye view




Wide shot/long shot

April 22

Art carving reflection

evaluate your process and artwork.

I did a good job of connecting my personal interest volleyball with my culture interest celtic. For example: First I had a hard time trying to connect volleyball with the celtic motif but then i thought the line in volleyball can connect with the celtic motif. So then I made the volleyball line connect with the celtic motif. If I had to redo the task I would make the design a little bit more easy to draw and carve. I would make it easier because it was hard to find the places I had to shade in and places I needed to fix because there was lines going every where. Another reason I would make it easier is because my eyes was hurting and it was a bit hard to know the negative space and the positive space. I would also do more test print first because when I did my final print the ink did not print that well.


 creative thinking.

I played around with my sketch for a while. I was plying around with the sketch by getting all my ideas onto the paper and try to make it better. For example I had trouble relating the volleyball and celtic motif together but after a while I was playing around with the first sketch I finally got the idea of connecting those to interests together. It took about two class to figure out my final design that I liked. This creative thinking helped my project to make it more interesting to look at and it is different then other peoples motif. After this project I realised that taking time is a good thing to do rather then just draw one sketch and think thats the best you can do. I also realized that drawing different kind of idea is good because you can develop new ideas and make things better.


 Explain the cultural influence and the personal interest that you included in your artwork.

My culture influence is celtic motif. Celtic motif is a motif that lots of lines going over and under . The celtic design interested me the most because it was interesting how the line goes over and under its like a tunnel going everywhere. I also chose the celtic motif because I am familiar of the design because I been looking at it when I go to a art exhibition with my family. I thought it would be cool to do something with the celtic motif because I was interested for a long time and I always wanted to try something like the celtic motif. I chose the line by just wiggling random lines and then making them thicker. My personal interest is volleyball. I used volleyball for my motif because I enjoy playing volleyball with my friends and my family. I also chose volley ball because volleyball is my 2nd favourite interest. My biggest interest is horses but when I was doing my practice designs I thought its a bit hard to draw and carve a horse shoe or a horse and also to carve so I decided to choose my 2nd interest and it was volleyball. I knew that volleyball would work in my art work because its not that difficult to draw a volley ball and to carve. I realised that it would work when I was playing around with my sketch.


evaluate your artwork’s elements (lines, shapes, colors) and principles (pattern, unity).

I used circle and wiggly lines. I used circle for showing the volley ball. Celtic motif design is lines going over and under so I did the same thing as the original celtic motif but I connected the volleyball line together with the celtic design. I used black ink on green paper because it stands out and I also used black on yellow paper because I was thinking of a light colour and a dark colour and I ended up using black ink on yellow paper. First my colour plan was random but then I noticed theres no pattern so i decided to use same colour ink but different colour paper. I used different ink and different paper in the middle because I felt like using a different colour in the middle so it stands out. My final has a pattern. I know I have a pattern because I have same colour ink on the outer side and edge paper is the same colour and the corner paper is also the same paper. My artwork is interlocking because my motif connects with the other prints. I know my art work is interlocking because every edge of the print connects if I put another one of the prints together. Some prints might look like its not interlocking because some did not print well on the edge or because the glueing is a bit off. Next time I will measure the prints the exactly the same so it will interlock perfectly and look more neat.

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