June 9

Portrait Reflection (art)

Explain the subject of your painting.


The person I am drawing is my class mate Jared. I chose to draw jared because when I moved up to 6th grade I think I hang around with him a lot more. He is important to me because he is a fun person to be with and he makes me laugh. He is also important because he is a good friends even though we were in different groups in 5th grade. I drew something that Jared likes or enjoyed doing. He said that he likes cats so I drew Turkish Angora because he likes that breed. I also asked what he likes to do and he said basketball so I also drew that to express his interests. I also thought about how can I help Jared enjoy basket ball even more then I though well Iron Man is perfect because he can get in the suit while playing basket ball and dunk it in the hoop and score. I thought it is perfect to add Iron Man because it has a small story between the basketball and Iron Man.

 Explain how you communicated your ideas.

I got Inspired with the comic style. My favourite marvel character is Iron Man. I chose to draw Iron Man because it is my favourite marvel character and also Jared has a favourite marvel character but its different so I decided to draw my character and he drew his favourite character on his art piece as me. I used this influence and drew Iron as Jared. My pictorial elements are colour, setting and object. I used red, black and yellow/goldish for the Iron Man. For the cat I used white,black, and cyan. Last but not least for the basket ball I used orange and black. I used different types of blue in the background because if its only plane blue it will be boring but if I do different types of blue it will be interesting to look at and you can think that there is different types of blue.

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