November 2

Grade 7 expedition reflection

What did I enjoy?

The most thing I enjoyed in expedition was the rock climbing. I enjoyed rock climbing because the staff was very supportive and funny. I also enjoyed it because when we go up and stop in the middle we can swing around with a rope tied to us and it was very fun. I also enjoyed it because we were with some of our friends and were cheering each other on so it motivated us to clear the rock climb. The other thing I enjoyed was the view. Some view you can only see up in the mountains so it was fun taking pictures.


The most challenging part for me was I had no personal space. Where ever I looked there was at least 3 people right next to me,but at last I got used to it and lived through it.

What did I learn about living and working in a community?

I learned that in a community its a bit difficult to be a lone and to have personal space. I recognize that you need team work to enjoy and to live in a community.

Why are the Expeditions an important part of our schooling?

I think expedition is important because when it comes to expedition there is lots of activities that require communicating with each other and team work. This makes it so we get to know each other better and get along better with each other. Its also a good way to interact with the new students because at school you can go to the library and other place but in expedition theres not much place to hide.




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