Iphone 6


We use technology everyday and one of the most popular technology is the iPhone 6. I have researched the materials used in the iPhone 6. There are many materials used, such as the 3 T’s ;Tin, Tungsten and Tantalum. Tin is used to create the screen and to make it able to function and touch the screen. Tin’s symbol in the periodic table is, Sn and the atomic number is 50. Tin is used to let electricity through the iPhone easier and it is mainly mined in Congo. Tungsten’s symbol in the periodic table is W and the atomic number is 74 and it makes the iPhone vibrate. Tantalum’s symbol on the periodic table is Ta and the atomic number is 73. Tantalum stores electricity and if tantalum was not used, the iPhone 6 would be mute and silent. Tantalum and Tungsten is used inside the iPhone 6. Gold is the most expensive and valuable material in the iPhone 6 becuase, Gold connects the wires and coats them.




Lots of materials are mined from Eastern Congo, South Africa, Australia, Chile and Peru. Armed groups make millions of dollars every year selling these materials and they use the money on weapons. Using these technology that contains those materials mined from countries above is not a good idea becuase, as we buy these technology, mainly Eastern Congo gains money and they buy weapons with the money. If we stop buying technology that contains materials that are mined from the countries above, there will be less weapons produced.



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Dragon Day Reflection


D…Designing our project was a good chance to interact with other grades and new friends. 

R…I liked working with my group because we had planned before action and we were all communicating and cooperating.

A…I think that I worked well on communication because, like I said, we planned the design and day together.

G…We got to plan how we wanted and we students got to plan the day and there are not many chances when we get to plan our day.

O…One thing that I learned from another group is that we should should use our time effectively so that we do not have to rush in the last minute.

N…Next time, I might make another poster so we can add detail to our main question and answer.

S…The awesome thing that I contributed is that when we collected the data. We got to go around the rooms and that was pretty fun and exciting.


I chose my cousin for my art piece. He is a Waseda University student. I chose him because we don’t meet each other quite often but it is one of my favorite things to talk to him and play with him. He is important to me because he is my cousin and because he makes me laugh when I am sad or when I am crying. I showed his emotion and feeling with his facial expression, colour and objects. He is a hard worker so I drew him so he has a tense face. He is very strict to his self but very nice to others so I had dark colour show how strict he is  and light colours to show how nice he is.

The elements in my painting were colour, facial expression and objects. The style that I used was from Jean Michel Basquiat. Jean Michel Basquiat uses lines and it looks abstract but it has a meaning in it. I was influenced by this style because the face looked intense just like my cousin. Jean Michel Basquiat uses many colours but it is all connected. I chose to put in pencils and erasers because he works a lot and, for me pencils and erasers is a symbol for work and homework.  He has a intense face. When you work hard, you will have a intense face and the intense face is a symbol for hard working. All of the colours expresses himself. I mainly put in dark colours also show that he is very serious. I put in light colours everywhere so that it can show that he is nice anytime. Even when he is mad or he is serious.

I chose branches for my symbol


I think that branches represent a signal because when cherry blossoms sprouts, it tells us that it is spring. It can represent life too because flowers sprouts from branches. It can represent help too. Branches helps trees to make it outstanding and beautiful.



Unit 2: Printing

I am proud of my art work. I think that my pattern and interlocking is balanced, but mostly I think I did well on printing. My printing showed all of the details of my art work. Some parts were a little hard to understand but overall, it was clear. Next time I will work on my carving skill. Sometimes I carved too much and some details were damaged. I will be cafeful next time when I carve.

Using my imagination helped me make my art piece. During while prossesing my artwork, I did not just think about my personal interest. I used my imagination and thought deeper. For example my personal interest is volley ball but I thought of the players that are playing volley ball. Music helped me also. You can get ideas from the lyrics and the rhythm.


My cultural influence was the Japanese culture. My personal interest is volley ball. During Unit 2, I was influenced by the joy of volley ball so I chose it. I am from Japan but I didn’t know much about Japan so I was interested in the Japanese culture. My cultural influence and personal interest is important to me because, I love sports and I was born in Japan. Japanese art works has lots of lines in them and volley ball uses a ball so I put in a circle in my art work and inside the circle, I wrote lines in it.


I only used 2 colours for my art work. Black and White. The two colours are the most basic and simple colours. I wanted to make my pattern simple and easy to understand. I tried not to use complicated shapes but some of the parts I had to and it made the art work balanced and outstanding. I did make a pattern for the colours, I made it ordered. My art work is mostely interlocking but because of my carving skill, some parts were not interlocking.

Tsuchiningyo paformance


My focus point was the D section. The D section was hard to remember and some notes were skipped so I couldn’t play smoothly. I think that I improve because I remembered the whole piece but I made some mistakes and I got confused. I was not prepared because I did not practice that much at my house and I only went to the lunch on Fridays. I think looking at the music sheet and playing it in my head worked best for me because I did this during lunch time without using a koto and I looked at the music sheet until it was our turn to play. I could of practice more at my house and I could of went to the lunch practices more often. should of remembered the piece and made it better so I know that I can play good and smoothly. I could of played better if I was not worried so next time I will have confidence in myself by remembering the whole piece faster and getting used to playing without the music sheet. I think that we did well as a group. We were matched but sometimes we were to fast or to slow. Individually, I won’t say that I played good because I forgot to play some parts and I should of relaxed. I think that I reached my goals to remember most of the piece. I think that I did good at playing in a steady beat. Next time I will work on remembering and even our team mates or I makes a mistake, just keep on going.

SLC Reflection

I think that I did well on explaining all of the subjects and the TSC’s

My issue was that I forgot to add  some words and I got confused.

Next year before I show my parents my slideshow, I will ask my sister if it is okay and I will try to find mistakes.

Portfolio Grade.6



My goal is to be organized and to take care of myself.

I will be organized by cleaning my bag so I can find the thing what I am finding easily.

I will take care of my self by think what will happen and if it is dangerous I will stop.

I will keep these goals by checking my bag if it is clean and if my body hurts, I will go to the nurse.