Goji Berry


In  a Goji Berry their are over 100 types of vitamins contained. It also comprises of many nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, sugar and calcium but, goji berry contains Vitamin A the most. It contains 14.26g of protein, 0.39g of fat, 77.06g of carbohydrates, 190g of calcium and 26822 IU of vitamin A per 100g. We need these nutrients to keep our body functioned. Protein will help your body repair and build new muscles. Fat will help store energy that you didn’t use. Carbohydrate is instant energy but if you don’t use the same a mount of carbohydrates that you ate, it will turn into fat so you should at least use your body for 30 to 60 minutes. Calcium helps your bones, nails, and teeth to grow and build. Vitamin A improves our sight, skin and it helps protect your body from cancer.

What it does to our body and the negative part

Goji berry can help increases your athletic performance, quality of sleep, focus, calmness and it would slower your ageing . Goji berry is used in for Chinese medicines for 3000 years and in China it used to be very precious . If you eat a lot of  goji berries, it means that you are also taking a lot of Vitamin A into your body. Too much Vitamin A could cause headaches, dried skin, cracked lips and it will weaken your bones.


To get the same amount of vitamins as 100g of goji berry you need to eat at least 2 raw chicken livers. 2 Chicken livers contains, 32g of protein, 9g of fat, 1.4g of carbohydrate, 16g of calcium and 22200 IU of vitamin a. Compared to a goji berry it has a close amount of vitamin A, but it has a lot more protein, and fat. There are less carbohydrates and calcium. The amount of vitamin a would be balanced but the other nutrients are not balanced too much of these nutrients wouldn’t cause negatives on your body. I think the goji berry would be better because there are less calcium and carbohydrates is 2 chicken livers. If there isn’t enough calcium and carbohydrates your bones wouldn’t grow and you wouldn’t have enough energy for the day.


When people hear the word “super food” they think of a positive image but it might not be. If you have problems with headaches you wouldn’t eat goji berries, you would eat spinach or cherries. When you have a problem with something, you cannot expect any  super food will help you with that problem on your body, you have to choose which super food is needed. Also, too much super food is also not good for your body. It could make your body condition worse.


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