Expedition season has arrived!

At camp we were separated into rooms for sleeping and we were put to the test in our community building, working, participating skills.

For activities we did mine field, fit in the square, octopus tag, rock wall climbing, mountain biking, and all sorts of phisical skills.

I think that the most challenging and fun activity/skill was rock climbing. Trust me it looks easier that it seems! I also enjoyed the day long walk and the interesting talks along the way.

Expeditions are an important part of schooling because they teach us very important life lessons and skills that will most certantly help us in the future.

Overall I learned that living with a small or large community is hard,but if we partisipate,  encourage, and help one another we will solve things faster and quicker.

I think i did most well on being competitive in fuse ball and mountain biking.  Not falling once is an accomplishment for me.

At camp i worked on my leading skills (mostly in the sleeping room) and I want to keep working on my leading skills and possibly continue at school this year.