Grade 7

Showcase Portfolios!

In tutor, we have been making showcase portfolios, in which we are showcasing our skills throughout the semester along with some skills that need improving.

Collaboration :

I have demonstrated my collaboration skills in my ” Two Weeks With The Queen ” video/play for English, by collaborating with classmates to figure out the further meaning and in what kind of emotion are the characters saying in their lines, and how to imitate their actions. Here’s the video.

I have demonstrated my collaboration skills in my ” France and Vietnam ” Individual and Societies slide presentation, by collaborating with classmate Yo Watanabe, and researching and learning new facts about the relationship between France and Vietnam. Here is the research sheet and the presentation slide.

Research sheet :

Slide :

I have demonstrated my collaboration skills in my ” Get Low ” dance for Physical education, by collaborating with classmate Pia Krickhahn, and learning to keep in sync with others, making a detailed dance plan by thinking about each others movements, and trying to make it fit the music.

Dance performance :


Creative Thinking :

I have demonstrated my creative thinking skills in my ” Popsie ” clay sculpture for Design, by creating a better and more successful new design for the creepy cereal box character Pop, from Rice Krispies.

I have demonstrated my creative thinking skills in my ” The Jam ” artwork by thinking about how I view japan and how abstract the city is.


Information Literacy :

I have demonstrated my information literacy skills in my ” Impacts Of Your Technology ” post for Science, by knowing and understanding the situation people in the Congo are, researching all about it, and sharing my opinion in the matter. Here is the post.

Post :

I have demonstrated my information literacy skills in my ” All About Ishikawa Prefecture ” pamphlet I made in Japanese, by researching facts about Ishikawa prefecture, and learning about Ishikawa in the while doing so.


Reflection :

I have demonstrated my reflection skills in my ” Silent night ” music videos, where I reflect on my practice of the piece Silent Night. I believe that these skills have improved because of the difference on how i reflect on my first video and my last video. Here are my first and last music videos.

First video :

Last video :


Organization :

I would like to improve on my organization skills , because i felt i lacked in getting ready for my ” Unit Test ” in Math because my schedule was not organized to fit in much study for this test.


Overall, here are some S.M.A.R.T. goals ( Specific,  measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals ) for next semester.

  1. To do extra work for math and make sure I understand everything
  2. Study more advanced Kanji
  3. Keep my schedule organized
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