Chicken Dissecting


Like us, the chicken arm had tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bicep & triceps, ball & socket joint, ulna bones, and the skin was tough to get through like ours. They had a hinge joint like us as well.



Everything is smaller, we don’t have a bone sticking our under our bones, and our arm isn’t shaped the way the chicken arm is.

Spanish Reflection

What am I most proud of?

I am most proud of my effort to speak Spanish even when I’m not in Spanish class.  I sometimes speak Spanish to s a student who is fluent, and sometimes I speak to others in my class when we aren’t in class. I am also most proud of my grade for my final oral project. I used to think that I wasn’t very good on oral tests, but now I have gained confidence in my fluency.

Do I consider myself a Spanish-speaker? Why or why not?

I do not consider myself a Spanish-speaker, because I do not know all elements required to speak fluently in the language. I want to wait until I am very knowledgeable in the language to call myself a speaker.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?

If I could do the course again, I would definitely change my attitude towards Spanish class. Also, I would pay attention more as well. I could definitely study more.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 2 next year?

I strongly believe I could study over the Summer, and work on my reading comprehension skills. I should make sure my present tense conjugation skills are 100% good.

I&S Connection Reflection

Who else in your life would find this interesting?

I believe that my grandfather would’ve liked to know more about this topic. I believe this because he used to work in a factory. I think that he would’ve found it interesting to know more about his working environment, and possibly know more about the history of his workplace.  I also believe that one of my uncles would like to know more about this topic. I think this because he is interested in history, and he enjoys learning more about these types of topics.

What are you studying in another subject that relates to this?

In science class at the moment, we are learning about nutrients and what they do to your body. I believe that this connects to child labor and the Industrial Revolution because, during the Industrial Revolution many people got sick, and many child lacked a nice meal. Also, I would relate this to english, because in a recent unit we learned about persuasive language, and how to be and sound confident. This really helped me with my trial, as I had to debate for something I did not believe in. I looked through my english notebook and found many helpful ideas to make me sound more confident and persuasive.

What did I learn?

I learned that the Industrial Revolution was a time of change. In some ways, positive and in other ways, negative. I also learned many different points of view on child labor, and more about the government during this revolution. I also learned how to keep my focus, and how to stay organized with my time. This unit has had a lot to offer for me and I really enjoyed it.

Chia Seed Superfood Research

What is in your Superfood?

100 grams of Chia Seeds contain 16.54 grams of protein, 30.74 grams of fat/lipids, 42.12 grams of carbohydrates, and 34.4 grams of fiber. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids.

What do Those Nutrients do for your Body?

Protein helps build & repair our tissues, fat/lipids store energy and provide insulation, carbohydrate provide energy, and fiber helps send out waste. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, and help lower risks of getting heart disease, cancer, or arthritis.

What Other Foods Have These Same Nutrients?

I researched and found that 100g of sunflower seeds also contain these nutrients.  Sunflower seeds have 4.24 grams more protein than chia seeds, (16.54 vs. 20.78 grams). However, chia seeds contain 20.72 grams less fat than sunflower seeds, (30.74g vs.51.46g), chia seeds contain 22.92 more grams of carbohydrates than sunflower seeds, (20.00g vs. 42.12g),  and chia seeds contain 25.8 grams more fiber than sunflower seeds, (8.6g vs.34.4g). At walmart,16 oz. of sunflower seeds sell for $3.18, while 14oz. of chia seeds sell for $6.77.

I also researched and found that flax seeds have the same nutrients as chia seeds. Flax seeds are another so called,”Superfood”. I found that chia seeds contain less calories than flax seeds, (69 calories vs. 79 calories). I found that chia seeds contain more fiber than flax seeds, (20% vs. 15%). I found that flax seeds contain  0.3 grams more protein than chia seeds, (2.3g vs. 2.6g). Flax seeds also contain less carbohydrates than chia seeds (6g vs. 4g).

Are there Any Issues with Chia Seeds?

I researched and found that when chia seeds absorb water, they can expand up to 75% their size. This was a problem for a 39 year old healthy man, as he experienced swallowing problems after swallowing a cup of raw chia seeds. He did not let them expand in water before swallowing so they started expanding in his throat, causing him to have swallowing problems because it was blocking his esophagus. He proceeded to go the emergency room, and he needed to have endoscopic extraction. Chia seeds can also make your blood pressure go down, and thin out your blood if you already have blood issues. Chia seeds can cause bloating, and gastrointestinal issues. Lastly, chia seeds can cause abdominal cramps due to slow moving fiber.

What’s an Issue with the Term Superfood?

I believe that the term ‘Superfood’, is to sell you products, because some foods have more nutrients than other superfoods, and yet they aren’t considered superfoods.  I would also recommend that you eat flax seeds over chia seeds for protein, and also because they are safer. Lastly, I would prefer to eat chia seeds over sunflower seeds for all the nutrients except for protein.


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Industrial Revolution Role Play; Autobiography,Persuasive Paragraph, and Empathy Map

Empathy Map:


Persuasive Paragraph, and Autobiography (Quote)


Fred Ward, an experienced lawyer, believes that child labor is necessary for a successful economy and a successful factory industry. “I believe that children in factories are learning to be responsible, and helpful towards others.” He includes many important points about child labor that, most of us against it, forget to consider. He thinks that child labor will cause a future filled with responsible, caring and knowledgeable young adults. Children working in factories are most likely there to provide for their family, or to make money for themselves. This is important to him, because he believes that children like these could shape the future.


“In all my cases, this is a truly important case for me, because I strongly believe that if these children stop working, they won’t know about responsibility, and they won’t care for each other. People around me tell me that school is a better option to make them responsible, but I disagree with this. School does help them obtain knowledge, but how will we make sure that they put their best effort into their work?In factories, the machines take a lot of effort to run, and this makes children work their hardest, and put their best effort in. I travelled to many different factories, and if I saw a child get hurt, there was always another child there to help. This proves that children in factories are learning to care for each other. Also, our economy is now dependent on factories, so we need children to put work into making our economy strong.”

What Caused the Industrial Revolution?


The Industrial Revolution was a period in time where people modernized their technology. There are many things that sparked the Industrial Revolution. Industrial production, agricultural production, iron smelting, coal extraction, railways, and steam power. These were all new inventions/machines that sparked a new period in time; the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Production was the creation of machines to help people working in factories. Many inventors such as James Watt helped evolve industrial production with his invention. James Watt invented the first steam engine to be used. This invention made factory workers’ life easier.

Agricultural Production was the creation of machines to help farming. These machines usually had something to do with helping farmers farm their crops easier, or it helped farmers prepare their food easier. A machine invented during this time was the cotton gin. The cotton gin was used to help de-seed cotton easier. This was invented by Eli Whitney, and this also helped start the Industrial Revolution.

Iron smelting was a major deal in the industrial revolution. Iron smelting is when people melt iron ore, to get pure iron. This idea made more transportation devices safer, and easier. Inventors like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, used iron to make,”The Great Eastern,” which was the first ship to use double iron hull.

Coal extraction was most likely the most important process during the Industrial Revolution. Coal extraction was the process mining coal from the ground. Coal was used for many things during the Industrial Revolution. Coal is also one of the fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that came from living organisms before. They are also some of the most common fuels that we use in technology today.

Railways are what trains used to travel. Trains were one of the main transportation systems during the Industrial Revolution, so the invention of bigger train tracks made trains’ progress rise. Isambard Kingdom Brunel invented the new train tracks, along with many other transportation devices.

Steam power is power that produces steam. Many machines used this, but this also caused a lot of pollution. Each time one of the machines were used, it released steam into the air.

In conclusion, all of these inventions and processes really helped cause the Industrial Revolution. They made inventors think out of the box, and they sparked new ideas.


Spanish Reflection

Write a headline to summarize your learning.

Don’t Expect to be Bored in Room 204! Learn Food, Conjugation, Possessions, Stem-Changing Verbs, and More!

How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I felt accomplished, and I felt like I was asking good questions. Since I study vocabulary, I was getting things correct, and it made me feel accomplished. I always ask questions, and I feel that they are good because it helps me and the class learn more. I feel confident in Spanish, and I always have felt that way.

How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

I think that my learning in Spanish could be connected to I&S in some ways. In I&S we were doing an influence presentation, and I feel that this relates to Spanish because at the time we were learning about the different foods, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.


Drama Reflection

Last drama session, we had a famous puppeteer come in. He taught us how to use puppets, and the importance of puppetry. I think that the elements of drama that we used in this unit were, space, timing, focus, movement and character. Space was very important in this unit because we had to make sure that we weren’t in front of the puppet, and that the puppet was using space. For example, if a puppeteer was in front of the puppet as they were manipulating it, the audience wouldn’t be able to see the puppet. Also, if they were running, we would have to make sure they were travelling  the distance a human would when they run. Timing was a major element in this unit, because the puppeteers have to make sure that they are moving all together, or the puppet wouldn’t look real. Focus was also a major element in this unit. The puppeteers had to make sure that they were focusing on their movements with the puppet, and they had to focus on always looking at the puppet. Movement was most likely the most important element of them all. You always had to make sure your movements looked real, and that you were gentle when moving the puppet. If you are moving the puppet jerkily, it won’t look real, and you could possibly break the puppet. Character was and element because voice sound effects make the puppet come to life.

Space, timing, and movement, were familiar to me because we had to make up a dance in P.E. We were told that we should use these elements. I also feel like we have used character in I&S. We recently had to make a comic book about a renaissance man, and we had to make it similar to a comic. We had to make the renaissance man into a bubbly character. I feel like some problems I kept having with the eye puppets were that I constantly kept forgetting to move the puppet. When Jack put the music on, I was too busy enjoying myself to remember to move the puppet. Also, during the workshop I was controlling the head. We were told that the head controlled everything, and that put pressure on me. I did have some trouble manipulating the head because it was weird to think that whatever I did, the others had to follow. I also had some trouble collaborating because I was worried that my partner would break the puppet. When we had to wear masks in class and make up a scene, I had trouble moving the person wearing the mask, and coming up with a scenario.  I could overcome these problems by  focusing mainly on the puppet, and looking at it as well. I also could’ve asked someone else to control the head if it was too stressful for me.  

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