What Caused the Industrial Revolution?


The Industrial Revolution was a period in time where people modernized their technology. There are many things that sparked the Industrial Revolution. Industrial production, agricultural production, iron smelting, coal extraction, railways, and steam power. These were all new inventions/machines that sparked a new period in time; the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Production was the creation of machines to help people working in factories. Many inventors such as James Watt helped evolve industrial production with his invention. James Watt invented the first steam engine to be used. This invention made factory workers’ life easier.

Agricultural Production was the creation of machines to help farming. These machines usually had something to do with helping farmers farm their crops easier, or it helped farmers prepare their food easier. A machine invented during this time was the cotton gin. The cotton gin was used to help de-seed cotton easier. This was invented by Eli Whitney, and this also helped start the Industrial Revolution.

Iron smelting was a major deal in the industrial revolution. Iron smelting is when people melt iron ore, to get pure iron. This idea made more transportation devices safer, and easier. Inventors like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, used iron to make,”The Great Eastern,” which was the first ship to use double iron hull.

Coal extraction was most likely the most important process during the Industrial Revolution. Coal extraction was the process mining coal from the ground. Coal was used for many things during the Industrial Revolution. Coal is also one of the fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that came from living organisms before. They are also some of the most common fuels that we use in technology today.

Railways are what trains used to travel. Trains were one of the main transportation systems during the Industrial Revolution, so the invention of bigger train tracks made trains’ progress rise. Isambard Kingdom Brunel invented the new train tracks, along with many other transportation devices.

Steam power is power that produces steam. Many machines used this, but this also caused a lot of pollution. Each time one of the machines were used, it released steam into the air.

In conclusion, all of these inventions and processes really helped cause the Industrial Revolution. They made inventors think out of the box, and they sparked new ideas.


Spanish Reflection

Write a headline to summarize your learning.

Don’t Expect to be Bored in Room 204! Learn Food, Conjugation, Possessions, Stem-Changing Verbs, and More!

How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I felt accomplished, and I felt like I was asking good questions. Since I study vocabulary, I was getting things correct, and it made me feel accomplished. I always ask questions, and I feel that they are good because it helps me and the class learn more. I feel confident in Spanish, and I always have felt that way.

How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

I think that my learning in Spanish could be connected to I&S in some ways. In I&S we were doing an influence presentation, and I feel that this relates to Spanish because at the time we were learning about the different foods, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.


Drama Reflection

Last drama session, we had a famous puppeteer come in. He taught us how to use puppets, and the importance of puppetry. I think that the elements of drama that we used in this unit were, space, timing, focus, movement and character. Space was very important in this unit because we had to make sure that we weren’t in front of the puppet, and that the puppet was using space. For example, if a puppeteer was in front of the puppet as they were manipulating it, the audience wouldn’t be able to see the puppet. Also, if they were running, we would have to make sure they were travelling  the distance a human would when they run. Timing was a major element in this unit, because the puppeteers have to make sure that they are moving all together, or the puppet wouldn’t look real. Focus was also a major element in this unit. The puppeteers had to make sure that they were focusing on their movements with the puppet, and they had to focus on always looking at the puppet. Movement was most likely the most important element of them all. You always had to make sure your movements looked real, and that you were gentle when moving the puppet. If you are moving the puppet jerkily, it won’t look real, and you could possibly break the puppet. Character was and element because voice sound effects make the puppet come to life.

Space, timing, and movement, were familiar to me because we had to make up a dance in P.E. We were told that we should use these elements. I also feel like we have used character in I&S. We recently had to make a comic book about a renaissance man, and we had to make it similar to a comic. We had to make the renaissance man into a bubbly character. I feel like some problems I kept having with the eye puppets were that I constantly kept forgetting to move the puppet. When Jack put the music on, I was too busy enjoying myself to remember to move the puppet. Also, during the workshop I was controlling the head. We were told that the head controlled everything, and that put pressure on me. I did have some trouble manipulating the head because it was weird to think that whatever I did, the others had to follow. I also had some trouble collaborating because I was worried that my partner would break the puppet. When we had to wear masks in class and make up a scene, I had trouble moving the person wearing the mask, and coming up with a scenario.  I could overcome these problems by  focusing mainly on the puppet, and looking at it as well. I also could’ve asked someone else to control the head if it was too stressful for me.  

I&S Comic Book Plan


We will choose our topic, and then check the TSC. We choose this because we should know what we are being graded on. Next, we will create our research sheet, and then we will start researching. Then, before we turn in our research sheet, we will check the TSC again.  After that, we will create a storyboard plan for our comic books, and then start making them. Lastly we will write our paragraph, and turn it in after checking the TSCs!

Metals In Technology

What Technology did you Study?

In science class this year, we did a unit on Conflict Materials in Technology. My technology that I decided to research is the iPhone 6. This company is produced by Apple, and It is used to contact people, through many ways. It costs between $200-$400.  This product is one of the most popular phones, and is used all around the world.


The Materials in the iPhone 6 are,  Gold, Copper, Tin, Platinum, Aluminum, Silver, Colton, Tantalum, Cassiterite, Tungsten, Nickel, Dysprosium, Pyrochlore, Terbium, Neodymium, Gadolinium, Silicon, Oxygen, Antimony, Arsenic, Phosphorus, Gallium, Lead, Carbon, Magnesium, Bromide, Indium, Potassium, Yttrium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Europium, and Gadolinium. The Materials I have decided to focus on are, Gold, and Tungsten. Gold comes from Peru, California, South Africa, Australia, China and Russia. Tungsten comes from Canada, China, Russia, Portugal, and Austria. Congo is not on this list even though that is where most conflicts come from. Children and adults are forced to work in mines, and some of them are dangerous. Many mine workers die in the mines in Congo from getting trapped in the holes, mental and physical exhaust, and since the mine workers do not get good profit, if affects their home life. Gold is used for the coating of wires in the phone. Also because it is easy to mold and fit around the wires. Tungsten is used for the vibrating of our phones, and the overall quality of our phones. Also it is used for electrical connection in the phone. Gold is used for this because it is a good conductor, and it doesn’t tarnish. Tungsten is used for this because it is a dense metal that can protect our phones.


The Congo isn’t one of the biggest mining sources in the world, but this is the only country that is having conflicts because of mining reasons. Over 45,000 people die a month because of Congo’s mining conditions. First, they are either held at gunpoint, they get life threats, they are physically forced to work in the mines, or they choose to get a job to support themselves/ their family. The working conditions are also very unsafe. The workers work in difficult mining locations, they work with difficult tools, they have to do tons of lifting, and their conditions may lead to death. Also there are more Congo conflict deaths than, The US Revolution, the US Civil War, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. A man named Dodd Frank, is doing a lot to help this problem. He has a Protection Act called,” The Dodd-Frank Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act.” He has successfully reduced the amount of revenue going to the militias. Also many companies are reporting mines more than 1,200 than before. He has lastly affected over 12,000 mines than before.


One thing we could do in YIS, is try to raise awareness about the conflicts in the Congo. We can do this by putting up posters, and emailing all YIS students to tell them how their technology is mined, and maybe they would start buying less technology. This could help because if people slowed down the purchases of electronic products, mining in general would go down, and maybe that would solve some conflicts. Another thing that we could do in YIS is stop buying more electronics, and use the ones we already have. We have a lot of electronics, so we could recycle them instead of buying new ones each year. This would help because it would slow down purchases. This helps because if purchases slow down, mines won’t get enough support to continue.


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Mi Dieta Típica

Mi dieta típica es a veces es saludable, pero la mayoría de las veces mi dieta es poco saludable. Para desayuno, yo tengo chocolate cereal, o yogur. Desayunar son las seis y media. Son las once menos veinte, yo tengo recreo. A recreo, como tentempié. Para tentempié, yo como sándwich, o pastel. Despúes recreo, yo tengo almuerzo. Almuerzar son las uno menos veinticinco. Para almuerzo, yo tengo manzana, y palitos de queso. Cuándo obtener inicio de la escuela, yo tengo cena son las seis. Para cena yo tengo una gran cantidad de diferentes alimentos. A veces  yo tengo el pollo, arroz, pescado, pizza, etc.

I&S Reflection on Unit 1


  • Have you done work like this in the past?
  • What was especially satisfying about your finished product?
  • In what ways did you do your work differently?
  • What would you change if you did the work over again?

I have never worked on Empires before. I’ve heard of them in movies, but I never bothered to research about them on my own.


What was especially satisfying about the finished product was hearing how much research I did and realizing that I accomplished that much. At the beginning of the Unit I thought that I wouldn’t do very well in this unit but I did very well. I also felt relieved looking at how my research paid off.


My partner and I did our work differently because other groups did different effects such as, clothing, music etc. Charlie and I did different effects, such as, language, religion,etc.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-12-15-49-pm

If i could do the work over again, I would make my work more organized and not jump from one topic to another. Also, I would put moe detailed research, and show how one country affects another .

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