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Semester one Art Reflection

  I have made many improvements through the semester. One of them is gradation. When I look at my week one self-portrait I notice that I only used one grey and had no shadows. Gradation is very helpful when trying to make your self-portrait look realistic.  In my updated self-portrait, I had gradation, and shadows. Another skill I have improved on, is realistic drawing. I have been drawing cartoons my whole life, but now I have learned skills to help make my pictures look more realistic. For example, I used to outline my eyes, nose and mouth. I learned to sketch and not outline. These two skills helped my development of my new self-portrait because before I had no shadows, and my face looked like a cartoon, because I outlined the features. I did no sketching, just outlining.

 I think that I have met the criterion for Thinking Independently when my art teacher would answer questions and give suggestions until a certain time. I was wondering if I had done enough of erasing the highlights and darkening the shadows. I decided to do a bit more of both. I also had to decide if I wanted to fix my lips or make them the same. I decided to change them u a little bit. I think that I have met the criterion for Anticipating and overcoming difficulties because one time my teacher told me that I had outlined the mouth, nose, and eyes. I decided to fix it by erasing the outlines and fixing the eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, because I hadn’t done enough shading in my hair, so I lightened my roots and darkened the middle of the hair. I also erased the strains of hair that were white.

 I don’t think that my self-portrait represents me because I don’t think it matches my personality. When I look at my self-portrait it seems like I look like I am more girly than I actually am. It doesn’t represents my identity because, it makes more calm and less-hyper than I actually am. I am sporty, girly, and kind of a tom-boy. I think that my portrait overall portrait does not represent me  because it makes me look like I have a completely different personality. It makes me look slightly older, and more mature than I actually am. I am hyper, crazy emotional, freaky, and funny.

I think that the AtL skill I am best at, is thinking. My thinking in art is well because I always have to look at things in new ways and different directions.  I have demonstrated thinking in art by looking carefully at my picture and imagining what the portrait would’ve looked like in colour to help me picture my portrait in a different view point. Also, because I did drawing that took me a long time to adjust to, and I had to look at things all in a new way.

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