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Unit 2 Art Reflection

I think in this unit I did well on printing. I re-did so many times because the finished product was never good enough. I always either had to much ink or to little ink. I am proud of the finished product that I’ve completed, but I feel like I could’ve done better. I think that my number one weakness was carving, because I carved way too much. There were holes in my plate, and my plate was very very flimsy. My number one strength was sketching. I feel that I sketched very well, and showed my ideas clearly in sketch.  If I did this project again I think I would re-do my carving because I did not do well. I would also change my design so that there would be more activity on the final prints.

My example is experimenting with sketching. When I was sketching my final design, I would sketch new ideas over and over to see what I liked.  I also sketched to make sure that all of my ideas would interlock. The reason it helped me was that, if I didn’t sketch, there would be eraser bits on the final design, and you would still be able to see the past parts of my previous designs. It also helped by seeing what I was capable of. I would sketch over and over and they would all be new ideas, which I didn’t know I could do that.

My cultural influence was Japanese. I chose this so I could understand Japanese culture better. The part of my final product that came from Japanese culture was the wi-fi looking bars on the side that interlock. one of personal interests in the final product was Harry Potter. I thought that I could incorporate some of the symbols into my print easily. I put the Deathly Hallows symbol in the middle, and the lightning bolts on the sides of the middle. The reason the deathly hallows was so important to me was that I really liked the idea of the whole Deathly Hallows story in the Harry Potter series. Also, I love the way that the symbol looks. I like it because, it all goes together so well. Another personal interest was emojis. I like emojis because they are very popular and they can explain your emotions in a little picture. I put emojis on the outside/ middle areas of the plate. I used emojis because I really like them and I figured that no one else would put emojis so mine could be original. The last personal interest was pizza, I chose pizza because pizza is my favorite food.

I used straight and curvy lines in my print. I think I used curvy lines more in my print because I like the feel of being free, and not having straight and strict lines. The colors I used in my print were pink, orange, and white. I decided to use the white background because I knew that white would go with anything, and I wanted my print to kind of have a sophisticated yet, free feel to it. My pattern is unified, because the colors are in a specific order and not just random colors.  My pattern mostly interlocks, but I am not happy with it. The sides mainly interlock, but the interlocking part on the sides and the corners aren’t even and sloppy.  I could’ve fixed this by thinking a little more. When I was making my pattern, I didn’t make the lines even. I thought that it wouldn’t matter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.28.57 AM