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Speech Reflection

I think that my strength was speaking loudly and clearly. I watched my video and I could always hear myself and understand what I was saying. I think that my biggest weakness was stuttering and shaking. When I watched my video, I noticed a few times where I started stuttering, and when I was taking my speech, I was shaking a bit. For the first criterion, developing skills, I think I would give myself a 6. I would lose the two points because I stuttered and shook. On the second criterion, thinking creatively, I would give myself a 7. I would lose the point because I think I gave a lot of¬†unnecessary information, and I could’ve added more useful information.

Another speech that was captivating was Mia’s speech. I like her speech because she was very energetic, and she was so passionate about her topic. Also, she used hand motions, and she seemed very relaxed during the speech. Lastly, her greeting was very exciting and that really captivates me to keep listening.

3 Different Sounds

The feet noise makes me fell happy.

If you skip to 2:20, the sound makes me feel scared and also makes me feel intrigued, and makes me want to keep watching.

If you go to 40:00 the sound of jaws crunching is so disturbing, and makes me feel uncomfortable.


Japanese Videos



Different Angles

In English class we started a new unit on being a film critic. Today we talked about different angles and what they do to our minds. We went outside and decided to take photos using these angles.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.04.42 AM

This angle is a tilted low angle. Low angles add scale and size.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.07.08 AM

This angle is a tilt. It is used to get more into the movie.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.05.00 AM

This is a overhead angle. This is used to make us look like we are looking at something above.

Spanish Convo