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Art Reflection

My subject for the final art painting is Freya Moss. In the painting I expressed things that she liked. I expressed it by clothing and objects. I put the objects she liked in the air, and I painted the shirt she always wore. The art that inspired me was manga.  Before I moved to Japan, the only thing I knew about the place was that it had Manga. So I wanted to make my painting a manga drawing.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.30.51 AM

My manga painting is symbolic to me of a pretty friendship with Freya. I used painterly brushstrokes to represent our bumpy friendship, since we had a lot of ups and downs. I didn’t want to show smooth strokes for this reason. I used all of the primary colours, most of the secondary colours, and most of the tertiary colours. I feel this painting didn’t look like her, ┬ábut it seemed liked her. I could’ve done better on the hair, because I need to mix colours to get her hair colour.

Instead of objects and clothing, I could change the pose, and direction of gaze. I could pose her serving a volleyball, and she would be looking at the volleyball. This represents her because she really liked volleyball, and she was a very important member in the team.

My painting is more important to the audience because if she does not like the painting, I would feel that I haven’t reached my goal.

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Jap vids

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Drama Trailer Reflection

I think that two of my focuses were character voices and human drama. I had to speak in a British accent, which I was not happy about, but I still tried and accomplished it. Also, I was supposed to be married in the trailer so that was the human drama. There were comments like,”Sorry I missed your wedding.”

My best skill was getting in character. I believe that I portrayed each character well. I had to play two characters, and I did well. I should improve on being more open-minded about somethings that Langston wanted to put in the trailer. He wanted to put in a kiss noise, but I refused, and I want to get better about that. I would rate my movie trailer as a 4/8. I believe this because we didn’t have very much music at all, our trailer was not exciting, and there was no suspense.

Another trailer that really appealed to me was the trailer called,”Ghost.” I really liked this trailer because it had suspense, and it built up tension. I thought their storyline was really good, and their dialogue was great.