Expedition Reflection

Things that I enjoyed about expedition week were;

  • the food
  • the hike
  • movie night
  • the skits

I did well with keeping my hiking group positive, and energized, and I did well with roommates. I kept them from breaking the rules, but we had fun. One challenge that I faced was talking to new people. I succeeded doing this,but it was still a major challenge. In a community, I learned that you have to respect other people’s needs, and differences. Also, I feel that you need to know about the person to know about their differences and needs. I grew because I now know everybody a little bit better, and I tried hard and didn’t give up. We need expeditions for learning because it really helps us with our social skills. One thing that I want to continue is trying to be more open and approachable.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-54-36-pm screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-57-21-pm


  1. I see u had really good trip!!! I had same challenge as you too. I had some troubles making new friends but in the end, I succeeded. Ur photos are so cute!!! Its so funny that boys are so silly and you and Koumae were just hugging each other^^.
    PS. Love ur wanzy ( ^ ^ )
    ( _ )

  2. I liked this posted because I thought that I got on really well with my group to. LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

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