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Spanish Reflection

Write a headline to summarize your learning.

Don’t Expect to be Bored in Room 204! Learn Food, Conjugation, Possessions, Stem-Changing Verbs, and More!

How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I felt accomplished, and I felt like I was asking good questions. Since I study vocabulary, I was getting things correct, and it made me feel accomplished. I always ask questions, and I feel that they are good because it helps me and the class learn more. I feel confident in Spanish, and I always have felt that way.

How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

I think that my learning in Spanish could be connected to I&S in some ways. In I&S we were doing an influence presentation, and I feel that this relates to Spanish because at the time we were learning about the different foods, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.


Drama Reflection

Last drama session, we had a famous puppeteer come in. He taught us how to use puppets, and the importance of puppetry. I think that the elements of drama that we used in this unit were, space, timing, focus, movement and character. Space was very important in this unit because we had to make sure that we weren’t in front of the puppet, and that the puppet was using space. For example, if a puppeteer was in front of the puppet as they were manipulating it, the audience wouldn’t be able to see the puppet. Also, if they were running, we would have to make sure they were travelling  the distance a human would when they run. Timing was a major element in this unit, because the puppeteers have to make sure that they are moving all together, or the puppet wouldn’t look real. Focus was also a major element in this unit. The puppeteers had to make sure that they were focusing on their movements with the puppet, and they had to focus on always looking at the puppet. Movement was most likely the most important element of them all. You always had to make sure your movements looked real, and that you were gentle when moving the puppet. If you are moving the puppet jerkily, it won’t look real, and you could possibly break the puppet. Character was and element because voice sound effects make the puppet come to life.

Space, timing, and movement, were familiar to me because we had to make up a dance in P.E. We were told that we should use these elements. I also feel like we have used character in I&S. We recently had to make a comic book about a renaissance man, and we had to make it similar to a comic. We had to make the renaissance man into a bubbly character. I feel like some problems I kept having with the eye puppets were that I constantly kept forgetting to move the puppet. When Jack put the music on, I was too busy enjoying myself to remember to move the puppet. Also, during the workshop I was controlling the head. We were told that the head controlled everything, and that put pressure on me. I did have some trouble manipulating the head because it was weird to think that whatever I did, the others had to follow. I also had some trouble collaborating because I was worried that my partner would break the puppet. When we had to wear masks in class and make up a scene, I had trouble moving the person wearing the mask, and coming up with a scenario.  I could overcome these problems by  focusing mainly on the puppet, and looking at it as well. I also could’ve asked someone else to control the head if it was too stressful for me.  

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