What Caused the Industrial Revolution?


The Industrial Revolution was a period in time where people modernized their technology. There are many things that sparked the Industrial Revolution. Industrial production, agricultural production, iron smelting, coal extraction, railways, and steam power. These were all new inventions/machines that sparked a new period in time; the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Production was the creation of machines to help people working in factories. Many inventors such as James Watt helped evolve industrial production with his invention. James Watt invented the first steam engine to be used. This invention made factory workers’ life easier.

Agricultural Production was the creation of machines to help farming. These machines usually had something to do with helping farmers farm their crops easier, or it helped farmers prepare their food easier. A machine invented during this time was the cotton gin. The cotton gin was used to help de-seed cotton easier. This was invented by Eli Whitney, and this also helped start the Industrial Revolution.

Iron smelting was a major deal in the industrial revolution. Iron smelting is when people melt iron ore, to get pure iron. This idea made more transportation devices safer, and easier. Inventors like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, used iron to make,”The Great Eastern,” which was the first ship to use double iron hull.

Coal extraction was most likely the most important process during the Industrial Revolution. Coal extraction was the process mining coal from the ground. Coal was used for many things during the Industrial Revolution. Coal is also one of the fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that came from living organisms before. They are also some of the most common fuels that we use in technology today.

Railways are what trains used to travel. Trains were one of the main transportation systems during the Industrial Revolution, so the invention of bigger train tracks made trains’ progress rise. Isambard Kingdom Brunel invented the new train tracks, along with many other transportation devices.

Steam power is power that produces steam. Many machines used this, but this also caused a lot of pollution. Each time one of the machines were used, it released steam into the air.

In conclusion, all of these inventions and processes really helped cause the Industrial Revolution. They made inventors think out of the box, and they sparked new ideas.


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