Industrial Revolution Role Play; Autobiography,Persuasive Paragraph, and Empathy Map

Empathy Map:


Persuasive Paragraph, and Autobiography (Quote)


Fred Ward, an experienced lawyer, believes that child labor is necessary for a successful economy and a successful factory industry. “I believe that children in factories are learning to be responsible, and helpful towards others.” He includes many important points about child labor that, most of us against it, forget to consider. He thinks that child labor will cause a future filled with responsible, caring and knowledgeable young adults. Children working in factories are most likely there to provide for their family, or to make money for themselves. This is important to him, because he believes that children like these could shape the future.


“In all my cases, this is a truly important case for me, because I strongly believe that if these children stop working, they won’t know about responsibility, and they won’t care for each other. People around me tell me that school is a better option to make them responsible, but I disagree with this. School does help them obtain knowledge, but how will we make sure that they put their best effort into their work?In factories, the machines take a lot of effort to run, and this makes children work their hardest, and put their best effort in. I travelled to many different factories, and if I saw a child get hurt, there was always another child there to help. This proves that children in factories are learning to care for each other. Also, our economy is now dependent on factories, so we need children to put work into making our economy strong.”

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