I&S Connection Reflection

Who else in your life would find this interesting?

I believe that my grandfather would’ve liked to know more about this topic. I believe this because he used to work in a factory. I think that he would’ve found it interesting to know more about his working environment, and possibly know more about the history of his workplace.  I also believe that one of my uncles would like to know more about this topic. I think this because he is interested in history, and he enjoys learning more about these types of topics.

What are you studying in another subject that relates to this?

In science class at the moment, we are learning about nutrients and what they do to your body. I believe that this connects to child labor and the Industrial Revolution because, during the Industrial Revolution many people got sick, and many child lacked a nice meal. Also, I would relate this to english, because in a recent unit we learned about persuasive language, and how to be and sound confident. This really helped me with my trial, as I had to debate for something I did not believe in. I looked through my english notebook and found many helpful ideas to make me sound more confident and persuasive.

What did I learn?

I learned that the Industrial Revolution was a time of change. In some ways, positive and in other ways, negative. I also learned many different points of view on child labor, and more about the government during this revolution. I also learned how to keep my focus, and how to stay organized with my time. This unit has had a lot to offer for me and I really enjoyed it.

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