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Speech Reflection

I think that my strength was speaking loudly and clearly. I watched my video and I could always hear myself and understand what I was saying. I think that my biggest weakness was stuttering and shaking. When I watched my video, I noticed a few times where I started stuttering, and when I was taking my speech, I was shaking a bit. For the first criterion, developing skills, I think I would give myself a 6. I would lose the two points because I stuttered and shook. On the second criterion, thinking creatively, I would give myself a 7. I would lose the point because I think I gave a lot of unnecessary information, and I could’ve added more useful information.

Another speech that was captivating was Mia’s speech. I like her speech because she was very energetic, and she was so passionate about her topic. Also, she used hand motions, and she seemed very relaxed during the speech. Lastly, her greeting was very exciting and that really captivates me to keep listening.

Improvisation Tournament Reflection

I think I used offer and acceptance in this scene because, my partners have to offer an idea to me and I have to accept it. Also, if I don’t give them an offer I would get out.  The hard part is that since you might have an idea all ready in your head, there is a chance that you might not be able to use the idea. For example, I had an idea for one of the incidents that the robot had, but I couldn’t use the idea because when I was about to use the idea, the bell rang meaning I had to wrap the story up.

I think that I could improve my performance by not hesitating when it was my turn, and I could’ve  thought of better scenarios to say when it was my turn. For example, I think that instead of saying ,”The robot had to pay double,” I could’ve said something like,” The robot became very angry for having to pay.” Also I feel that in this performance in the end I was trying to funny, but I could’ve said something that might’ve been better instead of trying to be funny, I said that the robot was a couch potato, but I could’ve said something better like,”The robot found a better job.”

I could use the skills in this game in performance by, using the skills in case someone forgot their lines and had to create something new. Or, if I forgot got my lines I could use this.  Also if I was in a play and I was daydreaming, I could’ve been there for a long time just standing while it was my line, and I could use this to help me out.

I think for this performance I would give myself a 6/8 the two points that I lost are because I didn’t say well things, and I hesitated a lot before I spoke.

You will always offer ideas and accept other’s ideas

I think for this I got a 7/8. The one point lost is because I feel that I said things that couldn’t work because of what my partners said.

You will always share the story/scene with other players

I think for this I got a 6/8 because in this game it is kind of hard to answer this question because you don’t really decide when you go, but I think I would do this ok.

You will always name the object or introduce the situation so other players understand

I think for this I got a 6/8 because for some things the stuff I said didn’t really go with some of the things my partner said.

You will always keep the story going to a logical conclusion

For this I think I got a 7/8 because I started to conclude the story before the bell was rung, so the story would’ve ended before the time limit.

You will always create and keep being a believable character in a place that matches the character

I think I got an 8/8 because I felt like I was telling a story about a real character.