June 9

Spanish phase 1 reflection

What am I most proud of?  I would say I am really proud of

I would say I am really proud of the amount of notes I took during Spanish class which made it a lot easier studying for a test. Because of the amount of notes I took  I was able to remember and increase my vocabulary. It also made that when I have not done Spanish for a while I could go through my notebook and revise my notes.

Do I consider myself a Spanish-speaker? Why or why not?

I do not consider myself a Spanish a speaker because I feel like I know the basics of the Spanish language but not more than that and I would be able to start a conversation and talk maybe for 5 minutes but after that I would say I would run out of things to say and not be able to say anything anymore.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?

I feel like I might have been able to work on my Spanish a bit more at home because for example I usually study before I have a test or twice a week. Also during holidays, I would not study that much so instead I would not do that and study a lot more live 4 times a week for 15 mins.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 2 next year?

  1. Study during the summer holidays often so I do not forget most of the Spanish I already know
  2. Reorganize my notes so that I can find all the information I need easily
  3. I could occasionally talk Spanish with my sister because she also takes Spanish which could improve my Spanish conversation skills


January 23

Unit 2 Reflection

You need to write a blog post and copy the link to the Google Doc on the class blog reflecting on your learning from Unit 2, however, we are going to do something a little different. Rather than doing a typical reflection, your reflection must include at least three of the following reflection options:


  1. What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or the Lord of the Rings?

At the beginning of the second unit I was like Luke in star wars a new hope inexperienced with the force in this case the force was the knowledge of food vocabulary and spanish expressions but at the end I was able to use the force kind of comfortably and blow up the deathstar (I did good at tests).


  1. Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit?

A Interesting, informative and fun learning experience for me


  1. How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

Throughout the the learning experience I felt interested and excited because I thought this was a more interesting and fun unit then the other units I have had throughout 6th and 7th grade, it was interesting to learn all the foods in spanish and how we could use that in spanish. Then we would play fun games to help us memorize some expressions.

January 10

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek Perspectief

Hoe beïnvloedt het lezen van fictie ons perspectief? Dat is de vraag die centraal staat tijdens de lessen nederlands. Om dit te onderzoeken heb ik het boek kruistocht in spijkerbroek gelezen.


Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek


Het boek kruistocht in spijkerbroek geschreven door Thea Beckman gaat over een jongen in de 20ste eeuw die terug in de tijd reist naar de middeleeuwen. In de middeleeuwen sluit hij zich aan bij een kruistocht. Tijdens de kruistocht heeft Dolf door dat er iets niet klopt en hij probeert erachter te komen om de kinderen in de kruistocht veilig te houden.


Hoe beïnvloed KIS mijn perspectief?


Door het lezen van KIS is mijn perspectief van de kinderen in de middeleeuwen veranderd. Het is veranderd door hoe de kinderen gedragen tijdens het boek. In het begin van het boek zijn alle kinderen heel erg goedgelovig en vertrouwen in de dommen Anselmus en Augustus en ook in Nicolaas. En ze geloofden ook dat de zee voor hen zou verplaatsen. Maar als Dolf hun verteld hoe Dom Anselmus en Dom Augustus hadden gelogen over de kruistocht en dat ze eigenlijk de kinderen als slaven gingen verkopen werden de kinderen heel wreed en vermoorden ze Dom Anselmus meteen. Dit heeft mijn perspectief verandert naar dat de kinderen tijdens de middeleeuwen heel goedgelovig waren en vertrouwden makkelijk in mensen zelfs als hun er bijna dood door kunnen gaan maar als ze weten dat er tegen hen wordt gelogen kunnen ze heel wreed worden en je misschien zelf dood maken.     




Wat ik heb geleerd over perspectief en fictie is dat in een fictieboek zit waarheid in maar het verhaal is niet echt gebeurt. Bijvoorbeeld dat er kruistochten waren dat is waar maar dat er twee monniken waren die de boel zaten te bedriegen is niet echt gebeurt. Maar ons perspectief kan nog steeds worden veranderd door de fictie boeken. Misschien is het niet waar dat de kinderen in de middeleeuwen goedgelovig waren en soms heel wreed werden maar omdat ik dit boek heb gelezen denk ik wel dat dat zo is. Maar als dat bijvoorbeeld in een non-fictieboek had gestaan had ik het meteen geloven ook al hadden de deskundigen het fout kunnen hebben.

November 24

G7 Metals in YIS Technology

For this research project the technology that I am researching is the iPhone 6s with 64 gigabytes. The company that produces this product is apple. In the apple store the phone costs 549$. The elements  inside the iPhone are Gold(element) ,tin(element),tungsten(element), tantalum(element), Mercury(element), led(element) and a lot more. The gold is used for the wire coating because gold is such a good conductor. The tin is used for solder (Tin and another element makes the solder to keep the phone together). The tungsten It is used as the metal in the mechanism that makes the phone vibrate. It is tungsten because tungsten has a really high melting point so the tungsten wont melt in the phone because of all the friction or when the phone overheats. The tantalum stores the electricity in the phone because the tantalum is one of the best element or compound that can do that.

There are also problems that are technology creates. One of the main problems is that the mines in Africa (Congo) where we get the recourses out to make our phones are being run by war lords. These warlords have children and men as their slaves who mine all of the materials for them. These slaves get no profit what so ever they only get a small amount of water and food each day so that they can keep on working. Which is a really big safety problem. The war lords have smuggling routes to be able to export them to  to factories in Asia where other materials from other places around the world all come together. Because of that it hard to know which materials came from where so it hard to filter out the illegal. The warlords used to generate 185 million$ a year which is bad for the economy because if the elements and compound were mined by the government the countries would be a lot economy stable

Another problem is that when we want to recycle our technology (not just our phone but computer and tablets too) we  sometimes think that we are recycling correctly but actually the waste gets send to Africa (Ghana in this case). In Ghana the people take the technology waste and burn it to be able to harvest the elements. But when they burn the technology some of the elements are poisonous (lead and mercury) and then if they breath in the smoke later they could get extremely sick and this is not just a health problem but also an education and environment problem. It is education problem because children also need to harvest the element and then won’t be able to go to school and then have no education and later will have to do that for the rest of his life because wont be able to get a actual job and then the same thing will happen to his children and his etc. The environment problem is that when they burn the technology they just leave the waste there and now there is a ton of waste because this process has been happening for years now. Because of all this waste the rivers have now been polluted and the animals in the environment are getting sick because all of the waste.

A solution to this problem could be the companies that sell the products also need to be able to recycle the products. For example the companies that sell need to make a place where the users can return their phones to be recycled. This helps the environment because then there will be no more waste send to the countries in Africa and then they will not be littering anymore. It also can save the companies some money so they don’t need to buy new recourses for there phones. This is because it they could extract gold,tin,tungsten and tantalum they would nearly get more  then what they sometimes get from the ores. And it also help peoples health because the people that get the waste burn it to try and harvest the materials but there are poisonous elements in the technology and they can get very sick. Apple has already started something like this. But if every company would do something like this it would help a lot of people. The only negative effect this has is that the people extracting the elements from the technology won’t earn any money anymore because there will be no technology to extract the elements from. But if they don’t do this anymore the children will have time to go to school and get educated and later get a good paying job which would increase the economy in a long term effect.


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November 2

Expedition reflection

During expedition the thing I enjoyed the most was probably the mountain biking most parts of the mountain biking were a good levle for me and there were also some more sheg7-norikura-kogen-196-x2lenging part which made it more fun. I think I did well in the mountain biking eventho some of the were challenging I never fell during the biking which I am proud of.

I think the most chellenging part during camp was sharing a room with 3 other people eventho we were all freinds it was sometimes hard for us to respect what some of our freinds wanted even if you did not want that yourself. I learned that we need to make things fair as much as we can so that say when person 1 whats this and person 2 wants something else and say person 1 gets what he want then next time when thoses two both want different things person 2 gets what he wants.

I think that I improved in my social skills Because I interacted a lot with my freinds and now interact more than before camp. I think Expeditions is important because we get to know our freinds better and also we learn new skills and overall improove in lot of different things. I think that I want to improove on my rockclimbing skill and durring camp it was really fun so I think if I do it more that would be extremely fun.

November 1

Spanish Unit 1 reflection

We just finnished Unit 1 and here are 2 things I could impoove on and 1 things I did well.


  1. I will try on improoving on adding the accents to the words because I usually forget where to put themI will do this my making a list with all the words with accents
  2. I will try adding new vocabualry to my brain because then I can use it more during writing tasks by writing down a list of all the vocabulary

Did well

  1. I did well on the listening comprehensions because I find it easier because you can do trial and error because it you what two of the three words mean there are only a few options that could be right. And then is easier to understand.

Next unit I will also try and improove my listening skills evendo I did do well I could still improove on it. I can improove by learning the new vocabulary.