This is the flowchart that I made with my partner to show the connections.

This is the brain frame that I made to say the effect of the industrial revolution.

This is the paragraph saying the cause of the industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution was a helpful time period because it made people’s lives easier. One of the reasons that caused the industrial revolution was probably because the inventions helped make more product faster which will increase the amount made and that will help make it cheaper. The coal extraction was important for the Industrial Revolution because without the coal the steam engines wouldn’t be able to move since the steam engines uses coal as the fuel. The invention safety lamp that Humphrey Davy made helped the coal miners to work longer hours in deeper pits without the fear of the explosion. I also think that if the other categories like steam engines didn’t use coal as the fuel, the coals would just be over loaded and it wouldn’t be balanced. All of the things are connected because without the steam power engines the railways wouldn’t be invented and without the railways being invented the people wouldn’t be able to go to places a fast. With inventions people’s got more easier and helpful.