Science What is in Our Technology??

In Our Computer There is a lot of mineral which is mined from ground. in this post i will be, talking about Gold(AU).

In our Computer the gold is used for connecting whire and its also used on electric serkit board also around the whire, and it is covering copper

Why is gold used in our computer?

Gold is used in the computer because…. 1: its stable more then copper 2: Gold doesn’t rust. if it doesn’t rust, it an protect copper from rusting.

Where does gold come from?

most of the gold comes from Congo. however the money they get from selling gold is not paid 100% to miners, most of the miners are forced to work and also most of them are child, also armed group is taking control of the mine so its hard for country to help miners, they get 17675000000 Dollar for selling gold, 10605000000 Dollar is used for military weapon, children are forced to fight when another armed group is attacking their mine.


so there is safety issues and government (Law) issues because, the miners are forced to work in a dangerous environment and the mine are controlled by armed group, also government issue because government can’t take control of the mine and secure miners.

what can we do in YIS?

we can do three things. 1 recycle electronic we don’t use and get mineral from it so we don’t need to use conflict mineral, and its also good for environment. 2 we can get product which don’t use conflict mineral, if we do this . company will use less conflict mineral. 3 we can send an email or letter to inspiring electronics company to not use conflict mineral to help the congo miners.


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