Impact of Conflict Minerals (maybe the iPhone you are holding…)

Conflict minerals are tin, tantalum, tungston (Known as the three Ts), and also gold as the conductor for electrical mechanics. Why these are called the conflict minerals are because these minerals are mined in a horrible condition. For example the owner of the mine would pay a low fee to everyone who is working for the owner. Also children are forced to work for their family to live, and have no education. Now these conflict minerals are used in almost every electrical things. For example, three Ts are used in iPhone, Mac and other devices. In the cost of ¥85000~.


Sn is the sign in the periodic table. And tin are used in Iphone to make the socket board. And this element is mined in Conflict go, and it is one of the conflict minerals. It is mainly used in every electronical devise in school.


Ta is the sign in the periodic table. And tantalum is used to store the battery in iPhone. And this is mined in Congo too, which is one of the conflict minerals. And lets just say that we cannot use any devise with out the store of energy.


W is the sign in the periodic table. And tungsten is used to make the iPhone vibrate silently. And this is also mined in Congo mainly. however this is only used in tablet(iPad, iPhone)


Au is the sign in the periodic table. And gold is mined in China, Australia, USA, Russia and south Africa. Even though it is not mined in Congo, it is mined many other places which have the possibility of unfair mining.


Overall these elements are conflict elements, and these elements are effecting our world because we are using devices that is using conflict elements. Which makes devices cheap.
Reason for people to not know which one is not conflict mineral is because conflict minerals are mixed up with other mining companies while they are shipping to some place.

How can we stop it to happen?

There are various ways to stop conflict minerals to be used, and also to make the owner of the mine to stop the action. For example, in YIS if we ask one teacher to help students to make a club or a counsel (like LGBTQ+ counsel) it is possible to make a small counsel. Or in other ways YIS students can ask the student council to let students have a right to make a one day campaign in the foyer. Then the students can sale some goods, so the thoughts conflict minerals spread through the school. There are probably more other ways to make the world stop to use conflict minerals.


This year’s expedition was in Norikura Kougen, Nagano. This place were cold and full of trees around.


What I really enjoyed was the mountain biking. What made it interesting was that I was able to do the neutral which was the only problem for going through the bumpy ground. It was really challenging to go all the way up the hill, but after that we went down hill with all the clean breeze going through our sides which made my time enjoyable.

g7-norikura-kogen-2-x2 g7-norikura-kogen-38-s However there was a great problem that we had to solve with the teacher’s help. The problem was that our roommate loved her phone so much that she couldn’t leave her phone alone in the basket to be taken to the teacher. Also as she had her phone all night she was playing with her phone even though we didn’t have the phone. This was thg7-norikura-kogen-75-xle problem, and the way we solved was to talk with her, and tell her the idea of switching the phone every night. This went well, and we had rest of the expedition happy and fun.




Designing our project was… To be independent. We were allowed to choose our own topic to study for our school. And the idea of “it might come true” were making me excited.
Reasons I liked working with my group Was because there were a leader-like person who didn’t really talked like leader, but he made the project much more funnier than it was.
ATL skills that I used well Was creative thinking skill. I have thought making a video out of cap bottles, and I think it went well than I thought would have been.
Great moments along the way It was when we were laughing hard because Yui said to not litter and throw a paper at the floor.(he took it)
One thing I learned from another group That littering, every one does it.
Next time, I will Make sure we all know what our next class is.
Something awesome that I contributed I thought and expanded the idea of GIF.


Final Critique of Art

My subject is one of my best friend, Jennifer. I chose to draw about her because I sometimes notice her evil part, when she hurts other people’s feeling. And I am sure she doesn’t know she hurts our feelings. And I wanted show or tell her that she might want to think her friend’s feeling sometimes. But also she is important to me, she talks about me and her friends in funny way that everybody will laugh, and  she has been my friend for two years, so I thought of drawing her. I expressed her way of talking, and emotion. For example when she looks at me like “what is she saying?” I feel like she has a disgusting green fire in her heart.

I chose few pictorial elements like these; colour, facial expression, clothing, pose, setting and object. For colour, I have a green fire in the portrait to show how she is sometimes evil, but there are blue back ground to show how she sometimes have felt sad. For facial expression I have asked her to give me a picture of her evil face, and I have arranged them to be more like pop art. For clothing, clothing are based on Maleficent from the movie Maleficent because Maleficent were evil, but she started of a heart to share with Aurora. For pose, she is facing the front which shows her braveness, and how she always challenges. For setting, it is when she is ugly and evil in the inside of her heart which hurts others. However at the same time she is hurt. For object there is a crow which symbolise evil. For example witch is evil, and evil witch have a crow or a black cat, so the crow shows evilness. The style of pop art influenced me to have a comic like painting. For example I based all my art work on pop art Maleficent because I thought it will be easier to express my feeling to Jennifer.

English – Finding Symbol from Film

Harry Potter’s
Lightning Bolt
-when it starts, it doesn’t end short
-it is fast
Harry Potter’s Lighting Bolt represents revenge. Voldemort’s angriness were shone as a lighting bolt on harry’s forehead. And this lighting bolt has bean shone in the movie as his anger too.

“Real Lighting Bolt.” – The Interior Designs. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2016. <>.

Angled photos

In English class we started a new unit on filming critique.  We talked about how we can take pictures from different angles.

And this is the photo of birds eye view of Jennifer.IMG_1337

And this is a photo of Jennifer in tilted angle.IMG_1442

This is long shot with high angle.


This is worm point of view of me.


Lastly this is a close up of Jennifer’s eye.IMG_1443

Final Critique

Strength & Weaknesses

I think I did very will at carving accurately in the same thickness of ribbon. Tried make all the ribbon to the same thickness so that it is balanced. Also I was proud of  being able to think of a lot examples. For example to make islamic, and diamond combine. However most I was proud was how solved the problem of making it too detailed. It was easy, just make the ribbon thicker. I feel like I don not have to change anything to have fun and do good printing. If I really wanna change the motif, I would change it to cats.

Creative Thinking

Experimenting with sketching, is one of the important things to learn. When we make motifs, if we only made our motifs with our imaginations in our head, and never took notes or drew it out. The motif will not be interlocked, the design of the motif wont be better from start. Also you cannot show what your thinking is in your mind if you did not wrote it down, or draw it.

Cultural Influence & Personal Interest

My cultural interest for the final art work, it was “Islamic art.” Personal interest was “ballet.” A important point for Islamic art was how they overlapped each other to make the top and the bottom. They usually take this technique to make a big shape in the middle, but made it small ribbons coming from the toe shoes few corners. The point I felt very important was about this personal interest of ballet. Ballet has this magical to me to have me pulled in to it, so I thought this was what I needed for my final art, and so this is very important for me. I chose the cultural interest by how I thought it would be good to have the ribbons of the toe shoes to be curving around all over the place.

Evaluating the Artwork’s Elements & Principles

I used overlapping lines for my final artwork. And I mainly used hearts for the shapes to make, and I also made a star with the ribbons overlapped to each other. To be simple as ballet is, I simply used white ink with multiple blue colours. For example I used royal blue, light blue, and blue papers. I thought this would be so similar to the feeling of ballet. For the order of the paper, I made sure it was some kind of patter, so I made a blue gradation from the middle to the corner getting lighter. I also made sure that the final project will be interlocked at all the side except one middle part that I miss printed.

Koto Concert

1.What were my areas of focus? How much did I improve on them? What was effective about my preparation? What worked best? Why?

My areas of focus was:

  • Koto 2 P.1 L.4 M.3~4
  • Koto 2  P.2 L.2 M.1~3
  • Koto 2 P.6 L.3 M.3

I must have been a little lazy to practice them. However the focus parts were very improved from the first practice. Also I think of improved as doing it good at the concert, so I think I did improved the koto two. Especially the focus parts.
I think it was good to think about the focus places, and how I was bad by. That mainly made the change to my music. Only thinking can make the parts better.
For my opinion thinking about it worked the best. It is because I do piano. Almost always piano is played in only one person. This made me think only my thing. But then at the koto, I have to use the same tempo with others. This was the concentrated part, then I didn’t concentrated to what I have done. So think about  the part worked the best for me.

2. How might I have worked differently to better prepare? What will I do differently next time?

To be better, I think I would try once doing the more practice way. For example to practice three time per week might can make the difference too.

3. Your overall impressions of my class’ performance. How did I do as a group (positive aspects, areas to improve)? For me individually – how did I do? Did I meet my expectations? What went well? and what will you work on for next time?

It was very, very good performance to me. Feel like I did well with the group except the last part. We got a little off from the tempo. To be as the group, we should have practiced more when we had the time.

For me individually I think I did well except the B section  where I always sliped when I was in practice. But I think that I meat my goal, but not too far. Except the part, I think I did well, and our class mates did well.

Tsuchi-Ningyo Three Focus Area(つち人形)

I chose three places that I thought I was very bad at it. These are the three places.



Part 2

These are the videos after the practice.

I think that it is better then the last videos, so I think it worked well for me except that I didn’t really practice much as I thought to. Then it might have bean better if I had practiced too.