Koto Concert

1.What were my areas of focus? How much did I improve on them? What was effective about my preparation? What worked best? Why?

My areas of focus was:

  • Koto 2 P.1 L.4 M.3~4
  • Koto 2  P.2 L.2 M.1~3
  • Koto 2 P.6 L.3 M.3

I must have been a little lazy to practice them. However the focus parts were very improved from the first practice. Also I think of improved as doing it good at the concert, so I think I did improved the koto two. Especially the focus parts.
I think it was good to think about the focus places, and how I was bad by. That mainly made the change to my music. Only thinking can make the parts better.
For my opinion thinking about it worked the best. It is because I do piano. Almost always piano is played in only one person. This made me think only my thing. But then at the koto, I have to use the same tempo with others. This was the concentrated part, then I didn’t concentrated to what I have done. So think about  the part worked the best for me.

2. How might I have worked differently to better prepare? What will I do differently next time?

To be better, I think I would try once doing the more practice way. For example to practice three time per week might can make the difference too.

3. Your overall impressions of my class’ performance. How did I do as a group (positive aspects, areas to improve)? For me individually – how did I do? Did I meet my expectations? What went well? and what will you work on for next time?

It was very, very good performance to me. Feel like I did well with the group except the last part. We got a little off from the tempo. To be as the group, we should have practiced more when we had the time.

For me individually I think I did well except the B section  where I always sliped when I was in practice. But I think that I meat my goal, but not too far. Except the part, I think I did well, and our class mates did well.

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One thought on “Koto Concert

  1. Curt Patterson says:

    Thanks for posting, Yo. It is interesting – your idea about thinking about a difficult part in the music. I think that is kind of like memorizing it, which is also a good strategy. As you begin to work on more difficult music, there will be parts that you cannot play easily/smoothly/fast enough. Then you will have to develop strategies to really practice them. Regular practice helps you to internalize the music. It becomes more a part of you. Also, you muscles learn to do the movements almost automatically. It makes everything very smooth. It also gives you a great deal of confidence. How do you think your class did with the dynamics? Could there have been some improvement there?

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