Final Critique

Strength & Weaknesses

I think I did very will at carving accurately in the same thickness of ribbon. Tried make all the ribbon to the same thickness so that it is balanced. Also I was proud of  being able to think of a lot examples. For example to make islamic, and diamond combine. However most I was proud was how solved the problem of making it too detailed. It was easy, just make the ribbon thicker. I feel like I don not have to change anything to have fun and do good printing. If I really wanna change the motif, I would change it to cats.

Creative Thinking

Experimenting with sketching, is one of the important things to learn. When we make motifs, if we only made our motifs with our imaginations in our head, and never took notes or drew it out. The motif will not be interlocked, the design of the motif wont be better from start. Also you cannot show what your thinking is in your mind if you did not wrote it down, or draw it.

Cultural Influence & Personal Interest

My cultural interest for the final art work, it was “Islamic art.” Personal interest was “ballet.” A important point for Islamic art was how they overlapped each other to make the top and the bottom. They usually take this technique to make a big shape in the middle, but made it small ribbons coming from the toe shoes few corners. The point I felt very important was about this personal interest of ballet. Ballet has this magical to me to have me pulled in to it, so I thought this was what I needed for my final art, and so this is very important for me. I chose the cultural interest by how I thought it would be good to have the ribbons of the toe shoes to be curving around all over the place.

Evaluating the Artwork’s Elements & Principles

I used overlapping lines for my final artwork. And I mainly used hearts for the shapes to make, and I also made a star with the ribbons overlapped to each other. To be simple as ballet is, I simply used white ink with multiple blue colours. For example I used royal blue, light blue, and blue papers. I thought this would be so similar to the feeling of ballet. For the order of the paper, I made sure it was some kind of patter, so I made a blue gradation from the middle to the corner getting lighter. I also made sure that the final project will be interlocked at all the side except one middle part that I miss printed.

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