Final Critique of Art

My subject is one of my best friend, Jennifer. I chose to draw about her because I sometimes notice her evil part, when she hurts other people’s feeling. And I am sure she doesn’t know she hurts our feelings. And I wanted show or tell her that she might want to think her friend’s feeling sometimes. But also she is important to me, she talks about me and her friends in funny way that everybody will laugh, and ¬†she has been my friend for two years, so I thought of drawing her. I expressed her way of talking, and emotion. For example when she looks at me like “what is she saying?” I feel like she has a disgusting green fire in her heart.

I chose few pictorial elements like these; colour, facial expression, clothing, pose, setting and object. For colour, I have a green fire in the portrait to show how she is sometimes evil, but there are blue back ground to show how she sometimes have felt sad. For facial expression I have asked her to give me a picture of her evil face, and I have arranged them to be more like pop art. For clothing, clothing are based on Maleficent from the movie Maleficent because Maleficent were evil, but she started of a heart to share with Aurora. For pose, she is facing the front which shows her braveness, and how she always challenges. For setting, it is when she is ugly and evil in the inside of her heart which hurts others. However at the same time she is hurt. For object there is a crow which symbolise evil. For example witch is evil, and evil witch have a crow or a black cat, so the crow shows evilness. The style of pop art influenced me to have a comic like painting. For example I based all my art work on pop art Maleficent because I thought it will be easier to express my feeling to Jennifer.

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