1.28.2016 This Month’s Goal-Did it!

I did my Goal for last month great! I will post my of my checklist in few days!

1.28.2016 This Month’s Goal

  1. Make HW checklist every day
  • I can have handwritten checklist of HW.
  • I can change colour of my pen or highlighter to know when I should do it.
  • I can put my game, phone and other game to be hidden some where safe that I wont do it.

10.8.2015 This Month’s Goal

  1. Be organised at Field Study!

11.5.2015 What I did this Field Study
I organised my bag every day, conscious not to lose any thing. So, I didn’t lose any thing.

  • Every night I will check what I will need next day and write dairy.
  • Everyday I will check my Veracross if there was important thing to see.

I am getting to forget a lot about the goals. I was exited to do every thing we need to do in school, but these days I am bored to do these thing, and I always look at videos in YouTube.  I should improve this by stop looking at videos before checking if there was any homework.

For my goals I did check Veracross until now for important events that will come up, I did check what I need for next day. I will try and never forget what I will have to do now on too.

(I will later on put some kind of photo to it.

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