Art Blog Post Semester 1


I think one of my new main skills that I used in my final portrait was shading. I got good at using the blending stump so that the shades can make one colour. I also think that I did well with blending the different values to make appropriate shadows. I now know that many parts of your body don’t have a black line around them because before, all the time when I was trying to draw a nose of a mouth there was a black line around it because I didn’t know how to shade. Now that I know how to shade, my mouth, ears eyes and nose look a lot more 3D because I used shading and erasing.


I thought that I was thinking independently when Mr. Reed told us that he wasn’t going to help us for the first part of class, I thought that I made some good choices when I was making my highlights because I really paid attention to where the parts where slightly lighter and erased then used the blending stump there. I had a problem with my lips. They were a bit too curved and I found out when I asked a friend for tips. So I erased it, shaded where it was before, then just drew them a little bit wider and less curved. I also drew the left side of my nose (on my last portrait) then I looked at it and with a little help from Mr. Reed, I erased it and made the contrast a bit better which made it more 3D. I anticipated the homework that I had but didn’t do it until the day before it was due. That wasn’t a good thing because I needed some help with it and I didn’t know it. Next time I’m going to do it as soon as I can. I’m going to remember to do it and put it into my phone and Google Calendar.


I don’t think that my self portrait really explains and represents me because I’m not a professional drawer and my face might be a little bit wide and my mouth might be a little bit small or big. So I think that my picture only represents the physical of my face, not really the opinions or my personality. I think that this doesn’t really show me as a person because it only shows my face. It doesn’t show the rest of my body and this is important to knowing what people think about themselves because you can see their posture and if they seem to be important or anything.


I think that I could have done better with communication by asking others for tips, asking them to observe some of the mistakes and for some help about my portrait. Not only that, but I also could have asked more questions like “How do you make this look more realistic?” or “ How can I make this part of my face shaded and a different part not shaded?”.


Overall, during this unit I’ve learned that to make a drawing more realistic, you have to use gradation, which is the use of making a value lighter to darker or the other way around. You also have to pay close attention to the highlights to make things more realistic.


French Homework

1. These teenagers are talking about how old they are, where they come from, what they like to do for fun, and where they live. Some of them like sports, TV and music. Two people like music and more two people also like sports. \

2.    1. Vrai
2. Faux
3. Vrai
4. Vrai
5. Faux
6. Vrai
7. Faux
8. Faux

3.      1. Salut
2. Je m’appelle
3. J’ai __ ans.
4. J’aime, J’adore

4.      1. Emilie
2. André
3. I don’t know
4. Didier
5. Emilie
6. Thuy
7. Ahmed
8. Djeneba

5. I would like to meet Emilie the most out of them all because she looks like she has her own horse and lives on a farm. I think that would be cool to experience for a day o so. She also likes to ski.