French Online Textbook Lisons

Answer #1 This magazine talks about what these people like to do, and how old they are ETC.

Answer #2

I found 5 cognates in slide 3. Here they are.


Answer #3 I think it means something along the lines of “small paragraph”.

Answer #4

1. Hugues Vallet
2. Christiane Saulnier
3. Karim Marzouk
4. Amélie Perrin
5. Mireille Lacombe

Answer #5

1. Laurence Simon
2. Chistiane Saulnier
3. Amélie Perrin
4. Laurence Simon
5. Didier Kouassi
6. Karim Marzouk

Answer #6

If I wanted to create an ad for a pen pal, I would make a piece of paper with my name, my hobbies and anything else that I think would be necessary to introduce myself and send it to a few schools around the world.



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