Fining a Symbol and What It Means

My symbol is sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.58.40 AM

I think that sunglasses represent power in movies because whenever there is a top person of a association or anything, the leader is often wearing sunglasses. I think that this represents power because it is being secretive. The sunglasses are somewhat hiding the person’s face. People that are very important don’t want to be seen so if they wear sunglasses, it will cover part of their face. Sunglasses cover your eyes. People wear sunglasses to cover their eyes meaning that they don’t want people to see their emotion. It is hiding the truth about the person. It is often the bad guys that wear the sunglasses. It’s mostly when the person is preparing themselves when they are about to do something. When they have to put on a tough face, they are using sunglasses as a protection layer from people seeing his emotion. It is part of staying strong.

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