Kai W Art Reflection

I chose to draw my mom because I think she is often very happy an always smiling. She is important to me because she does so much for me and without my mom, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. She has always been very supportive and I chose to express my ideas about her through colour as a happy and amazing person. I find that my mom is a type of person that is almost always happy and smiling. There are things that make her extra happy but my mom is naturally very positive. She is very supportive of me for example, she knows that basketball means a lot to me so, she came to all of the basketball games she could, and after the game she would talk to me about it even though she doesn’t understand the game very well.

The two pictorial elements I used in my painting were colour and facial expression. I used light and happy colours corresponding to the way I think about my mother and her personality. I used lots of bright colours to show happiness. I really like how artists use a kaleidoscope of colours in their paintings to represent an emotion. If it’s a sad painting, the artist might use dark colours. My other pictorial element was facial expression. I tried to shape my mom’s mouth into a wide smile to show that she’s a overall positive person. I also used extra bright colours on my mom’s face to make it look like she was very happy and smiling. The style of painting that influenced me was expressionism. This influenced me in two main ways. It changed the way I spread out the colours. Instead of having all the colours in an order and having them organised, I randomly selected places to put bright and happy colours. I noticed that a lot of famous artists did that with their paintings. It also made me want to have a more diverse set of colours on it because I noticed that I liked the paintings that had different colours everywhere because I could learn more about the emotion and thought put into the painting.

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