Dragon Days Reflection

Designing our project was fun because I could collaborate with a pretty big group and we could be creative and brainstorm an idea that cold help the school.

I liked working in my group because we all had cool and different ideas and when we chose which one to use, it was often creative and interesting. We also all had experience in things like presenting so we could say what worked and what didn’t work from past experiences.

I think that I used communication and creativity quite well because I was coming up with ideas and then sharing them with my group to see if we could tweak it to make it even better.

One of the great moments along the way was when we were trying to land a bottle for our presentation and I landed one from the loft stair area. Unfortunately, we decided that I could have a few practice throws before we started filming.

One thing that I learned from another group was that you can never be too colourful. Most of the groups with big and colourful posters got a lot of people to come to their tables.

If I did this again I would do the same thing that I did today except make a giant poster to hang above our booth that way people would come and then we could start a conversation with them about our event plan.

I think that one place I helped with the most was the organisation of the slideshow and where to put the videos.