Expedition Reflection

The activities that I enjoyed the most were mountain biking, rock climbing, talking to my friends and just being outdoors.

I did well at not going to bed too late, managing my luggage and packing the right things for the day.

One of the challenges that I faced was when I was going mountain biking and I had to stop a lot and wait for the rest of the group. For me, it was hard not to be anxious to get going because I like to go fast.

I learned that everybody has different needs, and that to work in a community you can’t judge anyone, and we all have to be flexible enough to change for different people and what they want.

Over the expedition, I grew more community minded because normally personal space isn’t a problem for me, if I want to be alone I can just go upstairs to my bedroom. But, over camp I did notice that living with your friends for a week can be difficult, because sometimes you might want quiet time, when your friends want to talk.

Expeditions are an important part of being in middle school because doing something different with your classmates might make you learn something about them that you didn’t know about before. Maybe you find out that someone you’ve never talked to before likes the same things as you.

A thing that I’m going to work on for the rest of the year is being understanding of others. Especially in sports. Sometimes I get a little frustrated when I get paired with somebody that doesn’t have the same skill level that I do.

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