Grade 7 Portfolio


Persistence is keeping with something, doing it until you succeed and not giving up or being discouraged.

One subject I think I showed this in was English. In English, we had to read a play, then add a few details to it, film it and then produce a director’s notebook explaining the things we added, why we added them and the planning for the costumes and such. The part of this process that required persistence was the filming. When one person didn’t get their line right or forgot to do something, we would have to completely re-shoot that clip of the scene. Here is the video that Julius and I produced.

Another class that I showed persistence in was design. We are re-designing characters that some people didn’t like. I chose to re-design Dora the Explorer. The part that challenged me was designing her. I chose to use an app on the iPad, because I thought it was going to be easier to create my character. Though I still think it was easier to do it on the iPad instead out of clay, I did run into a few frustrating moments that required persistence. On of these moments were getting the hair right. In the beginning, it looked like she had dreadlocks. Then, I smoothed it out and it became better. Here are a few pictures that I took along the road of re-creating Dora the Explorer.

Information Literacy

I think I effectively used my skills in information literacy. Information Literacy is the handling, organising, finding or generating information.

I used this skill in I&S, with my research for various projects like the project about empires, the timeline task, and our renaissance man comic book. Researching lots about facts and history was a large requirement for these tasks. We also had to cite all of our sources, and we had to make sure we weren’t copying anyone else’s work. I got nothing under a 6 as a grade for these tasks, meaning that I used my research skills effectively. Here is the link to the project about empires.

Another class that I demonstrated these skills in was art. We had to do a lot of research just like in I&S. The things in art that required lots of research were when we looked into French Realism and Genre Painting. That seems like not very much, but when writing about those topics, we had to compare them to other genres of painting, like romanticism, which I also had to research. Here is a picture of one of the pages in my art sketchbook.


This is another skill that I think I demonstrated and practiced during school well. Resilience is being tolerant when you fail, and trying again without slowing down.

One class that having this skill helped me in was math. Last year, I didn’t get the grades that I was hoping for in math. This year, I really wanted a change. Though it took a long time and a lot of effort for me to grasp some things, I kept with it and got the grades I wanted this year. So far, I haven’t gotten anything under a 5. I also showed resilience when we had to fill a chart in the algebra unit. We had a chart for our class, and when we finished a chapter of the textbook, we would fill a space in the chart with a sticker. At first, I was having a hard time keeping up, but I kept trying and worked hard. I didn’t miss the due dates, and finished the chart on time. Here is a picture of the finished chart and my grades for a pattern investigation.


The other example of resilience that I displayed was in music. In music, we had to practice Christmas songs. After 8 weeks, we would have to perform them for the class. Each week, we had to make videos displaying our progress and we had to set goals for the next week’s video. I had to do a lot of practice, because I chose a harder piece. Sometimes I would get a bit upset, because I couldn’t hit all of the notes, and it didn’t sound right. But in the end, I got good grades for the videos, and the ending performance was good. There are the ending grades for all of my videos. Here is the link to my last video.


Having good collaboration skills means that you can work well with many people and not argue, even if they aren’t your friend.

I think I showed good collaboration skills in PE in the dance unit especially. Trent and I made a dance to the song ‘Get Low’. We worked well together, I communicated my ideas and listened to Trent’s ideas. We ended up having fun, doing well and being synchronised. Here the link to the dance with Trent and I.

Another example of me using good collaboration was is science. At the beginning of our unit on the eye, we dissected pig’s eyes. This was pretty gross, and I was paired with Mia. It was quite hard for us because we hadn’t ever dissected anything in our lives. One person had to hold the eye, while the other one cut. This required lots of collaboration, and if we didn’t communicate with each other well, there was a chance of being cut. Here is a picture of Mia and I dissecting the pig eye.


For one skill that I could work on, I chose organization. Organization is being able to take care of yourself, without forgetting anything.

If I were more confident in my organization skills, I will leave all of my books and materials in my locker, only bringing home what I need for homework and studying. This would eliminate me from carrying such a heavy bag home and back to school, and it would be more healthy for my back. I don’t do this, because I feel that I might forget something, then have to rush it in the morning at school. One really heavy that weighs down my bag is my Japanese folder. Having better organization skills would help me most in this subject. This is how much I carry around each day. Today, my bag was quite light, though when I have more subjects in which I have multiple textbooks, it can get very heavy.