Bass Line Challenge Music


In this unit, we have been learning about the Blues music style. We started by getting a bit of background knowledge of what the Blues was. Things like where it originated, who were the main musicians that played it, and why it was created. We then were assigned our first task. We were asked to research a certain musician from when Blues music was really popular, and make wall magazine about he or she. I studied BB King. Here is a link to my wall magazine. Now, we are looking at a few different parts of the Blues form. We are specifically learning about Blues chords, scales and bass lines, which this task was set for us as practice. In all of the three Bass Line Challenges, the right hand is playing triad chords. It is following the 12 Bar Blues format in a shuffle pattern, while matching the left hand. The left hand is creating the bass line, which makes it sound much more interesting and less plain.



With the first and second challenge, I didn’t have too many problems. But with the third one, I had a hard time remembering not to play some of the notes. Normally, if you go up and down the walking pattern from a C, you would play the last note. But a few times in the last challenge you aren’t meant to play the last note of the walking pattern, but go right to the next note. I had a hard time with this at first and had to re-try the last challenge a few times. There was also one other problem. That was that I was playing the right hand part too fast. It didn’t sound like a shuffle rhythm. The way I could fix all of these problems are playing both hands separately. Especially the left hand, because I thought it was harder than the right. After practicing the left and right hand, then I should have brought them together and practiced that, as opposed to practicing the challenge as a whole in the beginning.

Here is the link to my three challenge videos on Youtube.