I&S – My Understanding of Nature vs. Nurture

The nature vs. nurture debate is considering what mannerisms humans are born with and which are taught. I have heard that humans are born with a fear of things that may harm them, such as sharp objects, heights, etc. I think this is considered instinct and is what will keep us alive. This is the same thing that is visible in animals, for example, why do dogs mark their territory? No human taught them to do that. Instinct. Many are scared of other things that aren’t inherently dangerous, such as spiders, dogs, insects, social anxiety, etc. I believe these fears are nurtured and learned from other people, experiences and stories. I believe that genes don’t directly change the way we act, it is how people say that people with a certain gene should act that rubs off on ones who have that specific gene. For example, caucasian people typically speak a certain way, then if a caucasian person were to speak “like a black person” that would be strange and somewhat unacceptable. Environment also plays a large role on how people act. For example, if a person comes from a very posh and proper family, they may have a tendency to sit straight with their back off the backrest of a chair or drink from a mug with their pinky finger separate from their other fingers. I believe that genes plays a role in the way we act but perhaps not as much as our environment does. I say this because if you were to take a baby and speak English to it from the beginning, the child would grow up speaking English, which is something that would affect their lives forever.