Art Printing Unit Reflection

I think that I did well with deciding how to make my printing plate. I think that I really well mixed one of my favourite hobbies and an interesting cultural motif into a whole new design. I also liked how instead of printing the Jordan symbol, I printed the things around it. If I were to do this whole thing over again, I would print until I have to clean up instead of printing, washing the plate and doing that over and over like I was lead to believe I had to. I would do this because it would save a lot of time so that I could maybe get some better prints because I would have more selection.

My creative thinking was when I was developing my final design. I wanted to get an interesting pattern behind the Jordan symbol, but I didn’t want it to be a non-printed space then then a printed space that are the same size because I thought that it was normal. So, I made the non-printed spaces half the width of the printing spaces. I also did that because if I started with a non-printed space, by the end of the 15 cm, it would interlock with the other designs.

My cultural influence was the North American design. I got the idea of having the lines behind the Jordan Symbol from the lines that that the motif has behind parts of it. I thought that it looked like it was being displayed on a old television because it was small black and white lines. I thought it was cool. My personal interest for my final design was basketball. To represent basketball, I chose the Michael Jordan brand symbol. I thought that since Michael Jordan’s NBA years was while ago, that it would make sense to put something that to me looked old behind a Michael Jordan symbol.

I used nice, rounded and curved lines in my motif except for the vertical lines behind the Jordan symbol. I tried to make those lines as sharp and accurate as possible. For my printing, I used yellow paper under red ink and green paper under blue ink. I tried to use the brighter colours because I thought the outcome would look like it had more contrast. I chose these colours because I think that they were interesting and had good contrast to not only the paper underneath them, but the other prints. I also chose them because they are some of my favourite colours. I did create a unified pattern with my colour plan. Instead of just randomly places the different motifs, I thought about how I could have the blue and green prints in the middle and in each corner and the red and yellow prints in-between them. My prints do interlock on all sides. The top and bottom interlock because of the vertical lines and how they follow the same pattern. The sides interlock because all of my prints started with the non-printed line that was half the size of the printed line. I think my interlocking is very accurate except for parts of the vertical lines. For some of the prints, the ink didn’t make it to the paper on the sides of the printing block. Other than that, I think that it interlocked perfectly.

Here is my final project result.