Goals Update

I think I did a good job at trying to keep my room clean. I felt good when walking into my room because there wasn’t a huge mess on the floor. I had already cleaned it the night before.  I did have quite a bit of homework some night and couldn’t clean it, but I tried to remember to clean it the next day. I have noticed that my parents haven’t had to ask me to clean my room.  There was one point when you couldn’t see the floor because it had clothing and things on it. So overall, I think that I did considerably well with my goal. Now it is time to make a new one.

My new goal is over camp and any other time, if I see someone that isn’t really engaging and doesn’t have a partner, go and say “Hey. Do you need a partner? Would you like to be my partner?”. Especially during camp, ideally, everyone will have a good time. I think I could help that happen by inviting people that seem left out to come and do something. I hope this camp is great!