Chicken bone labels

This chicken wing is similar to a human arm because it has biceps and triceps underneath the shoulder joint for movement, it has an elbow joint that is a hinge joint like humans and under the elbow there is a radius/ulna bone. The differences are that instead of a ball & socket joint for the wrist it is a hinge joint the chicken wing has a bone sticking out of the top of the wing and there are no fingers on a chicken unlike humans.

Industrial revolution flow chart

The industrial revolution is an important period in time where we started to use technology more and had a breakthrough with it. The thing that caused the industrial revolution is the agricultural production. The that Agricultural production is the most important is because the less people that we had working to make food the more people we had to focus on inventing things and working to produce things on a larger scale. For example less people working on farms would mean that we could have more people mining for coal, more people to make steel items and more importantly more people working in factories to create things. If there are more people working in factories that means more tools made, if there are more people in the mines with the tools that were created you get coal faster, more coal means faster iron production, faster iron production means railways and more tools, more railways means more items transported, more coal also means more steam for the railways and it just keeps looping around in a circle like thing with certain areas branching out and some things going to the same place.

Neodymium in iPhones and the issues with mining it I was sick couldn’t finish it

Inside of our iPhones there is a rare earth element called neodymium (Nd). Neodymium(Nd) is used inside iPhones as a magnet that makes the phone vibrate and makes sound come out of the speakers. Even though this sounds like something not that important since neodymium (Nd) is a rare earth element it has deadly impacts in smaller towns and villages when it is being mined. It also has deadly impacts when thrown away.

In china rare earth mining is affecting a lake where it is very murky and no fish or algae can survive. On the shore of this lake there is a black crust formed by the pollution that is so thick that you can walk on it. There are ponds in china which have toxic chemicals and radioactivity because of thorium. Ingesting thorium can cause certain cancers such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and Leukemia. A local from the town bateau in inner Mongolia stated that “Before the factories were built, there were fields here as far the eye can see. In the place of this radioactive sludge, there were watermelons, aubergines and tomatoes.”

Neodymium can be dangerous in work areas since it can be inhaled through damps and gasses. When inhaled neodymium can cause lung embolisms especially when exposed to it for a long amount of time. Neodymium can also be a threat to humans if it accumulates in the liver

If neodymium is thrown away through household items or is dumped in the environment. When neodymium is dumped in the environment it accumulates in the soil and in water. If neodymium accumulates in the soil and water the amount of neodymium concentrated in humans and animals will start to increase. In water animals neodymium can cause damage to cell membranes which can cause negative effects on reproduction and the nervous system

Empires Unit Reflection

Looking back at this Empires unit I think that I learned a lot about empires. Before this unit I only new about a couple empires like the Aztec Empire and the British Empire. During this unit I learned about Khmer Empire and some other weird empires.

I think that the my finished presentation wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been. I think that this is because me and my partner couldn’t get quite as focused as we should have been at times so we weren’t able to do our best on this project.

If I was a teacher I probably would have said that this work sounded rushed. I would also say that it sounded a bit sloppy. I would say that because the script sounded short and not that well organised.

If I did this piece again I would try to do a lot more in depth research and I would also try to do more work if I finished and help my partner and give him feedback on the presentation. I would also try not to rush my script and then I would read over it rather than leaving it and waiting for my partner to finish the presentation.

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was… A little hard because we would sometimes people in our group would get off track and it would be a couple of people doing work within the group.
Reasons I liked working with my group I like working with my group because it was a good way to get to learn different people better and it was a good way to practice communicating my thoughts and sharing with other people
ATL skills that I used well I think I used communication well because I was giving my group idas at times and I was asking more question than usual.
Great moments along the way I think that a great moment within this project was when we were deciding on what to do we would get it decided really quickly rather than taking a long time to do it.
One thing I learned from another group One thing that I learned from another group is while trying to get people to come to your booth you have to go away from your table and advertise with signs
Next time, I will Next time I will try to give out better ideas and once we have ideas rather than just asking basic thing I will ask more in depth question to help my group even more
Something awesome that I contributed The fire fair

Art reflection unit 3

My subject for this painting is Mikey. I chose Jared because when I first moved to sixth grade he was the first classmate that I met and I started to hangout with him a lot. Mikey  was also the first new friend that I made since I never really hanged out with him in 5th grade but now over the course of 6th grade Mikey has become one of my good friends that I hang out with a lot. I drew Deadpool over Mikey because if you annoy him or make him mad he tries to hurt you.  I added the horse because Mikey’s favourite animal is a horse. I added the volleyball because Mikey likes playing volley ball and sometimes I play with him and he was also the one who got me started on volleyball.

I communicated my ideas when ai showed Mikey as Deadpool instead of making him something really abstract. I did this because I thought that it would be cool to turn a friend into a comic book character that in a way is out of the normal and not a normal abstract painting. I chose the volleyball as a surrounding thing floating around Mikey as something he is thinking about that is floating around him. I chose the horse head around the character because Mikey loves horses so I put horse head around him for the same reason as I put the volleyball around Mikey. I put a horse head  instead of a whole horse so that it didn’t become to realistic and it stayed more abstract.

Zoo building game review

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.43.17 AM

In this game I learned how to spend money wisely instead of spending it on something that doesn’t  give you that much money. I also learned how to attract people by placing certain things in different ares can cause more people to go to it or less people t0 go to the area. an example of this would be making a lion den next to a restaurant in the middle of the park since a lot of people like lions they would want to go the restaurant for food.I think that anyone could play the game just as something fun to do but I think it would be mostly younger kids since the graphics are more for smaller kids and I think that this would also be a challenging game that little kids would want to play. I also think that they would play it because this game is really entertaining and it is fun to explore the different ways of completing different levels. I think that people should play this game because it will teach them how to use money wisely instead of spending it on thing that don’t matter. I think that the point of this game is to let people have fun while learning how to manage money better than they currently are. I think that this game was fun even during the hard levels that took several tries to complete. I five this game a thumbs up for helping kaids and being fun

Economics plan


My research question How can I make enough money to get more books
Why I chose this question I chose this because during the summer I usually go to the bookstore but I usually get to many and my mom won’t spend any more money on getting me more books. I usually get books that I want but then I look through even after we bought the books to see if I missed something that I might want and I usually find something but my mom will never buy it for me
My plan (sequencing brainframe)  
Collection of Information, include sources Amazon Ranger’s Apprentice Book 1
DECISION  I will make a juice stand to get money to buy myself more books this summer and go with a mix of the cheapest books to ensure minimal cost. If I have a cheap price on my lemonade stand I will have more customers and I will reach My goal easily.

This is the economics plan that I made. I will most likely do this plan if I stay have enough time during the summer. I didn’t give this a complete yes because during the summer I usually spend most of my time at my cousins houses or at a pool swimming. I do want to try to get this plan done so I can get enough money to get the books that I want. The total cost of all the books that I wanted was $99.77 and I think that this is an achievable goal if I make Juice. My estimate for how many people would come was 10 people. I would price  the juice at $2 so it wouldn’t be to expensive. if I got $20 a day I would be able to get $100 in 5 days and if I continued I would be able to make a lot more money for toys I might want.

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