Industrial revolution flow chart

The industrial revolution is an important period in time where we started to use technology more and had a breakthrough with it. The thing that caused the industrial revolution is the agricultural production. The that Agricultural production is the most important is because the less people that we had working to make food the more people we had to focus on inventing things and working to produce things on a larger scale. For example less people working on farms would mean that we could have more people mining for coal, more people to make steel items and more importantly more people working in factories to create things. If there are more people working in factories that means more tools made, if there are more people in the mines with the tools that were created you get coal faster, more coal means faster iron production, faster iron production means railways and more tools, more railways means more items transported, more coal also means more steam for the railways and it just keeps looping around in a circle like thing with certain areas branching out and some things going to the same place.

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